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Download Basic FSX Configuration Guide 1.0.0

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fsx? configuration guide


The AVSIM Basic FSX Configuration Guide provides members with a one-stop guide for configuring FSX/P3D for optimum performance.  Our goal at AVSIM is to make configuring FSX/P3D as simple as possible and to educate.  There are many FSX Configuration Guides published around the Internet and a member only has to do an Internet search using the Google or Bing search engines to find them.  


The Microsoft-owned Flight Simulator is possibly the game industry's longest-running continuous franchise. The first Microsoft-branded version was released in 1982 with the most recent version, FSX, released in 2006 and expanded in 2007 with the release of Acceleration/SP2.  FSX is a 32 bit application that can reside in a 64 bit Windows operating environment.  Acceleration and the freeware version SP2 included a preview to DX10 technology as the Microsoft team did not have sufficient time to completely program FSX for DX10.  They had hoped to finalize development in a future update (as well as improve on the FSX engine) but the development team (AKA Aces Studio) was released by Microsoft before those upgrades could be published.  Currently, an add-on developer has fixed many of the issues left behind by FSX.  You can get more information about DX10 in our DX10 Forum.



very good article, I recorded ..... it will part of my checklist before any flight.


Thanks for your expertise.

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Very interesting article - thank you

will try various suggestions, carefully, one at a time

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Nov 27 2013 12:34 PM

A very good reference indeed. Thanks

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"V2 updated 11/24/2014" lulz

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Dec 06 2013 05:58 AM

alot of those tweaks are added with the addon manager and if you delete them , there is no way around it. they just come back

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Why is everone else's Nvidia Inspector different than mine? Mine doesn't have the exact settings that it says to put but instead is a bunch of mess in all caps.

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Worked for me :)

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anything similar for P3Dv2?

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We hope to include suggested P3D settings in an update.
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Is the FSX Steam version able to run in a multi core mode? I know the box version does not. Thanks

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Why am I not allowed to download this anymore?

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Great article, I just my new pc and using FSX SE this article also work fine, thanks guys!!

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