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Download Basic FSX Configuration Guide 1.0.0

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fsx/fsx-se? configuration guide


The AVSIM Basic FSX Configuration Guide provides members with a one-stop guide for configuring FSX for optimum performance.  Our goal at AVSIM is to make configuring FSX as simple as possible and to educate.  There are many FSX Configuration Guides published around the Internet and a member only has to do an Internet search using the Google or Bing search engines to find them.  


The Microsoft-owned Flight Simulator is possibly the game industry's longest-running continuous franchise. The first Microsoft-branded version was released in 1982 with the most recent version, FSX, released in 2006 and expanded in 2007 with the release of Acceleration/SP2.  FSX is a 32 bit application that can reside in a 64 bit Windows operating environment.  Acceleration and the freeware version SP2 included a preview to DX10 technology as the Microsoft team did not have sufficient time to completely program FSX for DX10.  They had hoped to finalize development in a future update (as well as improve on the FSX engine) but the development team (AKA Aces Studio) was released by Microsoft before those upgrades could be published.  Currently, an add-on developer has fixed many of the issues left behind by FSX.  You can get more information about DX10 in our DX10 Forum.



very good article, I recorded ..... it will part of my checklist before any flight.


Thanks for your expertise.

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Very interesting article - thank you

will try various suggestions, carefully, one at a time

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Nov 27 2013 12:34 PM

A very good reference indeed. Thanks

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"V2 updated 11/24/2014" lulz

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Dec 06 2013 05:58 AM

alot of those tweaks are added with the addon manager and if you delete them , there is no way around it. they just come back

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Why is everone else's Nvidia Inspector different than mine? Mine doesn't have the exact settings that it says to put but instead is a bunch of mess in all caps.

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Worked for me :)

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anything similar for P3Dv2?

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We hope to include suggested P3D settings in an update.
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Is the FSX Steam version able to run in a multi core mode? I know the box version does not. Thanks

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Why am I not allowed to download this anymore?

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Great article, I just my new pc and using FSX SE this article also work fine, thanks guys!!

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Feb 09 2017 04:11 PM

Thanks a lot,your guide is very helpful!

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