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Attack In Paris

Nov 14 2015 07:10 AM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in AVSIM Editorials

Our thoughts are with all the victims and their families of the horrific and cowardly attacks on innocent lives in Paris. To all of our French members, the AVSIM family stands with you.

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Yes we have no T7

Sep 02 2013 08:40 AM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in AVSIM Editorials

Speculation regarding the precise nanosecond of the expected PMDG T7 release has reached unexpected heights , reports have been circulating that FL50 has been attained.
Though unverified this is many thousands of feet higher than any previous leve...

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World's Highest and Fastest Rollercoaster -...

Feb 21 2013 01:54 AM | SpiritFlyer in AVSIM Editorials

A screen shot by Ben Cap showing an NGX climb out at SNA reminds me of one rather exciting early nineties flight on a lightly loaded Delta 757 out of there. I was returning home to CYYC from a week long business trip. I don't remember if this flight wa...

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Two Members in Alaska? Really?

May 03 2012 05:09 PM | AVSIM Admin in AVSIM Editorials

There are only two AVSIM Members in Alaska? One in the Yukon? What do you guys do in the winter? No, we don't accept that excuse either... What about no one in Mexico? Only five in all of Brazil? Only one person in Argentina? No one in Chile? Four peop...

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