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Yes we have no T7

Sep 02 2013 08:40 AM | This article has been viewed 6448 times.
submitted by: Chuck_Jodry-VJPL
Speculation regarding the precise nanosecond of the expected PMDG T7 release has reached unexpected heights , reports have been circulating that FL50 has been attained.
Though unverified this is many thousands of feet higher than any previous level of speculation , hemorrhages , nosebleeds and a continuum of states ranging from full alertness and comprehension, through disorientation, delirium, loss of meaningful communication, and finally loss of movement in response to painful stimuli has been observed , in the worst of cases consciousness has been lost .

Experts consulted replied a single dose of NGX will offer immediate though temporary relief of symptoms, avoiding speculation and focusing on beta reports is also noted among the possible means of alleviating the discomfort associated with high level speculation.

Avsim will continue to monitor the situation and report any change in condition so as to offer immediate relief to those affected.
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Christopher Low
Sep 02 2013 09:12 AM

Thanks for the speculation report, Chuck. I was starting to worry that people were forgetting about the PMDG 777 :)

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And just wait 2 years when the 747v2 is on the verge of release and this will start all over again and then the 777 begins to collects dust and is forgotten. Ain't this hobby great!

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Jude Bradley
Sep 02 2013 10:50 AM

Many thanks for the light relief, we really need it ;)

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After that, I'm feeling better already! Thanks Avsim!

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The MD-11 has been providing my relief. Looking forward to the T7 though....

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long live to  t7!!  hahaha



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Djordje Kosanović
Sep 02 2013 02:31 PM

Those being so bored can always buy the $165 mil. version on the website, hopefully the Boeing will deliver it to you before PMDG :D

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Well, I just bought the A2A Cessna 172 Trainer.  That should keep me well occupied for a while.

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Ian McPhail
Sep 02 2013 06:00 PM

A good humoured comment Chuck, and we are all just a bit silly in our overdone anticipation.  But we do have a small excuse.  It was Captain Randazzo himself who gave us a release week notice, of course with the full PMDG disclaimers. "Sit up straight and be good".

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Oh well........it will get here before you know it. When it does, it's gonna be a crazy day.

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Yes didn't he stand for congress once? You know what they say about politicians...never trust a word. ;) I'm ready for next weeks release...come on it be unlike PMDG to release something when they say they will...oh old on they don't give release dates...hmmm weren't we supposed to have it in 2012 and be talking about a 747 now? Or was it last week? Good planes they make...project managers they never will!
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I dread to think what was like when he was flying for an airline....welcome on board everyone to this flight to...sorry I'm not telling you that, we estimate our arrival, oh hold on I don't give estimates...well you'll get there, wherever that is when I think is a good time, however it will likely be some time after that, please sit back and enjoy the ride, you might get an update but its likely to actually just make you think we nearly there when in fact we are light years off, when we do get there expect a go around at the last minute, oh and can you please all make sure you tell the cabin crew your full name, if you forget some of the premium economy passengers will remind you. We thank you for flying with us, we know you have No choice.
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Ahh, but we do have a choice :) There are other 777s out there, but I have a hunch this will be far better. I choose to wait, some day less patiently than others :)  I bet it will release tonight after midnight, so as to take advantage of the overnight hours and also after the Labor Day celebrators have gone to bed.  I believe it they had released on Friday, the servers would have seem higher loads and perhaps crashed 'em.  Dunno, just SPECULATION - something none of us are rather good at.  I bet Robert's right tho y'all, better to release once right than twice wrong.  I do believe we're past the "Minimums" and well into the "Flare" before the arrival though :)

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Finally arrived in KSEA just now in the NGX, I'll do some GA flying in the area and the I'm off to KPAE for a pick up and delivery to ORD.

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We will all forget the anxiety after we take the left seat. I'm hopeful it has a 2nd officer for the walk around. Robert, any chance there will be electrical failures due to battery fires like the 787? That'll make your hands sweat. On second thought Boeing won't like that one.
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It is funny to hear people complain about the release of the PMDG products.  I hate waiting and for months have been checking.  However, I they released the product on a given date and it was full of bugs, the community would be pooping their pants over service packs and frequent updates because a switch doesn't work.  A good example is the Captain Sim 727.  The plane has been out for years now and you still have the load the aircraft twice to get the sounds to work.  Id rather have them keep delaying release so that when it finally does come out, I can enjoy it.  I know with PMDG, I don't have to wait a few months until they fix all the bugs. 

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This whole thing makes me think of "panda watch" from Anchorman.  The only thing missing is Brian Fantana reporting from the scene.


"Get out here you stupid [triple-seven] jerk...you're making me look stupid!"

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T7 is on the pmdg hompage now

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