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Three Years, A Thousand Posts Later, What Avsim...

Aug 03 2014 09:41 PM | Wendall in Guest Editorials

This was posted this evening in the Hangar Forum and we thought the wider community might enjoy the read. Thank you Jackson for posting it.   Hi everyone,   One thousand posts on an internet forum is not a massive deal, however I decided to d...

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The Simmer And Real World Aircraft

Aug 25 2013 01:24 PM | G550flyer in Guest Editorials

THE TOPIC  Ladies and gents, there have been some past discussions about a flight simmers ability to pilot a real world aircraft. The most recent topic comprised of flying a 737NG. There were plenty posts about the probability with varying perspec...

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Guest Editorials

Apr 25 2012 11:31 PM | Tom Allensworth in Guest Editorials

If you look over to the right side bar and scroll down a bit, you will find a list of categories of items that appear from time to time on this front page. One of those items, that we haven't really announced until now, is our GUEST EDITORIALS. That's...

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