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In Memoriam of Thomas Verne Allensworth

Apr 19 2015 06:37 AM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in Obituaries

Among the Irish, a wake was a tradition for saying good-bye at the passing of old friends and family. They celebrate the life of the honored guest and are an opportunity for those attending to reminisce between themselves anecdotes that marked the life...

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We mourn the loss of David Lehkamp

Apr 03 2014 04:00 PM | Chase Kreznor in Obituaries

AVSIM has learned of the passing of Mr. David Lehkamp.  He was the co-founder of myDelta and had touched the lives of so many with his dedication to the flight simulation community.   "MyDelta loses it's greatest hero, co-founder, and dear br...

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Steve Inwood

Sep 16 2013 08:52 PM | Tom Allensworth in Obituaries

Alex Ridge has written us about the passing of Steven Inwood. Here is what Alex had to say; " Hi guys,    As has been mentioned here, I am very sorry to inform you of the passing of Steve Inwood and wanted to say a short couple of things....

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Condolences For Bob Hayes

Jul 01 2013 02:25 PM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in Obituaries

It is with great sadness we report that the wife of Bob Hayes, who may be remembered as the modeler for the Eaglesoft Citation X, the Premier 1, and the Columbia 400 models, has succumbed to a long time illness and passed away peacefully on June 30th a...

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Toni Agramont Passes Away

Dec 20 2012 07:57 AM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in Obituaries

Toni Agramont a longtime Member of Avsim and contributor to our Library has passed away. Toni was one of the first freeware developers with scenery dating to 1997 available , His support for Simulation, Virtual Airlines and generous use of his time o...

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Al Gay Of Flight Ontario Passes Away

Oct 19 2012 10:08 AM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in Obituaries

Flight Ontario and the flight sim community lost one of their best Friends and scenery designers, Al Gay. Al was a prolific producer of scenery for flight simulator with quality being the main ingredient. Al died of cancer On Tuesday Oct 16 after a bri...

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RIP: Barry Blaisdell, Prolific FS Designer

Oct 09 2012 04:40 PM | n4gix in Obituaries

More sad news to report: Barry passed away on Wednesday 3rd October after a long battle with diabetes and heart disease.

From an early age Barry’s life was aviation. He joined the Air National Guard as a cadet and as soon as he was able he...

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