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Planning in progress for 2nd Annual Tom Allensworth Memorial Flight.  Seeking volunteers to help plan and coordinate and calling all simmers around the world to join in on a fly-in event with your fellow community members.  Please head over to this forum post for more details.

In Loving Memory Of

Tom Allensworth,
Founder of AVSIM Online

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Your donation here helps to pay our bandwidth costs, emergency funding, and other general costs that crop up from time to time.

Donation Statistics

Total Donation Amount - $406.68
Total Fees - $23.32
Total Goal Amount - $3,000.00

Still Needed - $2,570.00

REX PLUS and REX PLUS w/OverDrive SP1/Beta 2

Mar 01 2013 07:58 AM | This article has been viewed 2746 times.
submitted by: Chuck_Jodry-VJPL
REX Game Studios announced the release of Service Pack 1, public beta 2 of the REX Essential PLUS product line. focus on this build has been in the area of handling sub 1 mile visibility more accurately as well as a new wind smoothing algorithm for the WXPLUS mode" said Reed Stough, Managing Partner of REX Game Studios. "In addition we have expanded the Download Center to include a marketplace. We will be offering REX Latitude at 50% off, exclusively through the REX Download Center for the month of March."
More information can be found online at rexgamestudios.com.
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I don't get all these quotes. Who was Reed speaking to?
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Any clue to the URL for the download store? I've had no luck locating it on their site.
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Hi airernie, you may access the files on our forum located here: http://www.realenvir...eme.com/forums/
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