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Avro Lancaster for FSX and FS2004

Abacus has released the Avro Lancaster for FSX and FS2004. The Avro Lancaster, a four-engine heavy bomber, known as Lanc or Lankie first entered service in 1942 and by the end of WWII had been involved in over 150,000 sorties. Most famous for its precision bombing "Dam Buster" raids, the Lancaster excelled at night bombing.

During its operational life the Lancaster was constantly being improved or adapted for new weapons or equipment. Here are the variants and liveries that have been recreated for you…
Lancaster B. I R5556/KM-C, No.44 (Rhodesia) c.1942
Lancaster B. I (H2S) ME499/AS-D, No.166 c.1945
Lancaster B I (H2S) 1803, Royal Egyptian AF, c.1952
Lancaster B I (Special) PD121/YZ-Z, No.617 c.1945
Lancaster B III EE139/HW-R, No.100 c.1943
Lancaster B III (H2S) JA845/F-CXT, c.1945
Lancaster B III (Special) ED921/G/AJ-W, c.1943
Lancaster B X KB772/VR-R, No.419 (Moose) c.1944
Lancaster 10 MR FM104/CX-104, No.107 Rescue Unit
Lancaster MR 3 RF325/H-D, c.1956

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This model has been on the market since 2009, done by Daniel Dunn/Firebird Studios for First Class Simulations and sold through a.o. Just Flight.
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Never knew this was that similar to a B-24 Liberator. 4 engines and twin tail. The Liberator still stands as the highest volume aircraft ever produced at I believe over 19,000. I believe there is only one still airworthy. Most got cut up for spare metal for B-29's and then for post-war metal reserves.
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The Messerschmitt bf109 beats that total production figure by a considerable margin, at almost 34,000 built, including post-war Avia and Hispano Suiza/CASA variants

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