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AVSIM Reviews

REVIEW - VirtualFly TQ6 Throttle Quadrant

Aug 13 2016 08:11 AM | Article Viewed 2369 Times

Review by Will Reynolds   Introduction In late July this year, a company called “VirtualFly” announced pre-orders of their Throttle range was ready to ship.   On offer, we saw two products, the TQ3 and TQ6. The first with three levers, and the latter, obviously with 6.   This represented a wave release from this developer, whose prior release “Yoko the Yoke” was met with very good reviews and feedback from the Simulator world.   So I decided to...

REVIEW - PF3 by OnCourse Software for FS9/FSX

Jul 16 2016 08:21 AM | Article Viewed 2945 Times

Review by Mike Cameron Introduction I have been looking for an enhancement to the default FSX/P3D air traffic control for a long time.  First, even though the default pilot & ATC voices sounded nice, there were a limited amount of voices so you may have the same accent in the United States as well as in other parts of the world.  More importantly, I stopped using the default ATC when flying an IFR flight plan because I got tired of what seemed like endless vectoring by ATC throug...

REVIEW - DH.104 Dove&Devon by JustFlight fo...

Jul 09 2016 08:31 AM | Article Viewed 1722 Times

Review by Mike Cameron   Introduction The de Havilland 104 Dove and Devon package for FSX and P3D was developed by Aeroplane Heaven and distributed by Just Flight Software.  The DH.104 Dove is a direct descendent of the famous ‘Wooden Wonder’, de Havilland’s Mosquito fighter/bomber, the Dove was developed by the same designer, R.E. Bishop, who also designed the DH Comet racer and the Comet jet airliner.  The Dove was Britain’s first successful post-wa...

REVIEW - F4U Corsair BirdCage by JustFlight for...

Jul 09 2016 08:09 AM | Article Viewed 1552 Times

Review by Mike Cameron   Introduction The F4U-1 Birdcage aircraft package for FSX and P3D was developed by Aeroplane Heaven and is being distributed by Just Flight Software.  The information for this introduction was gathered from the product page, documentation and the airvectors.net website.  In 1938, the U.S. Navy Bureau of Aeronautics issued a request for proposals for a ship-borne fighter aircraft.  Vaught-Sikorsky (later Chance Vaught) answered the call with a pro...

REVIEW - KMIA and KEYW by LatinVFR for FSX/P3D

Jul 02 2016 09:03 PM | Article Viewed 1458 Times

Review by Marlon Carter   LatinVFR Miami International Airport KMIA v3   Introduction If one were to compile a list of all of the most well-known airports in the U.S, it is without a doubt that Miami International may be at the top of the list. KMIA has a very rich history that stretches all the way back to 1920sand today it serves as a primary gateway to Latin America while also handling more European carriers than any other airport in the U.S. Within the context of Flight Simu...

REVIEW - Aspen Extended by Aerosoft for FSX/P3D

Jul 02 2016 08:36 PM | Article Viewed 1198 Times

Review by Marlon Carter       Introduction Aspen Pitkin County Airport is an airport that can either strike fear or excitement into the heart of any seasoned pilot. Located at 7,280ft, this airport gives the illusion that high altitude performance may be the only issue to consider when landing or departing. However, when we factor in the high terrain surrounding the airport and the unpredictable weather patterns, things can easily...

REVIEW - Approaching Quito for FSX/P3D by Aerosoft

Jul 01 2016 06:54 AM | Article Viewed 1246 Times

Review by Max Pyankov Here is an interesting scenery, like no other I have dealt with to-date, that I received from Aerosoft for review.  On the one hand, it should attract simmers who enjoy testing their skills in mountainous navigation approach and departure procedures.  On the other, this scenery boasts a "historic procedures!" feature on the product cover, with a control tower and a scenic city landscape behind it.  Looks promising.     The 'historic procedure...

REVIEW- Alabeo Aztec for FSX/P3D

Jun 19 2016 06:29 PM | Article Viewed 2594 Times

Alabeo Aztec A review by Ray Marshall Flight Sim review by Ray Marshall   It is not uncommon to find a discussion in the forums seeking the perfect light twin for flight simulation.  Now what specific models would or should be considered as a light twin. In my mind, I would immediately think of the Beech Barons, the Cessna 310, and then, uh, hmmm, maybe the newer Pipers like the Seneca V, or the Diamond DA42.   No turboprops, no jets, no singles, no commuters, what does...