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AVSIM Reviews

REVIEW - Socata TB-10 Tobago & TB-20 Trinid...

Jan 21 2017 07:13 AM | Article Viewed 111 Times

Review by Mike Cameron Introduction This review is of the Just Flight Socata TB-10 Tobago and TB-20 Trinidad general aviation aircraft package for FSX and Prepar3D.  This package was developed by Just Flight along I.D.S. Innovative Development Studios.  The information for this introduction was gathered from the product manual and the Socata TB Users Group website.  Socata’s “Caribbean” range of single engine general aviation aircraft consisted of five m...

REVIEW - Avionics Panel by Volair

Dec 21 2016 08:38 AM | Article Viewed 1406 Times

Review by Ray Marshall     These are truly exciting times for those fortunate enough to own a flight simulation chassis.  New to the market is a ready-made Avionics Panel that will significantly improve your existing Volair Flight Sim Chassis in a very short time with minimal effort. Take a quick look at these images. On the left is the standard Volair Fight Sim Chassis, in the middle the new Avionics Panel has been attached to the panel tray.  On the right is a fully...

REVIEW - JustPlanes TNT777 Aviation Video

Dec 20 2016 07:53 AM | Article Viewed 697 Times

Review by Marlon Carter Publisher: JUST PLANES Description: TNT 777-200LRF Format: Blu-Ray/Download     INTRODUCTION After an amazing 737-300/400F video documentary, Just Planes returns to TNT to film their 777-200LRF operations to Dubai and Hong Kong. We start off at Liege as the flight crew prepares the aircraft for a 6 hour flight to Dubai. During the preparation for our flight, viewers are shown a detailed walkaround inspection of the 777 which nicely showcases the imme...

REVIEW - JustPlanes Malaysian A380 Aviation Video

Dec 20 2016 07:47 AM | Article Viewed 551 Times

Review by Marlon Carter Publisher: JUST PLANES Description: MALAYSIAN AIRLINES A380 Format:
Blu-Ray/Download     INTRODUCTION Malaysian Airlines is the newest airline to join the Just Planes line up and they surely started with their best offering by featuring their A380 on a return flight from Kuala Lumpur to Heathrow. The A380 has always been a unique aircraft both in its design and from technical perspective. This video offers viewers a closer look into the daily o...

REVIEW - JustPlanes First Air Aviation Video

Dec 10 2016 08:05 AM | Article Viewed 917 Times

Review by Marlon Carter Publisher: JUST PLANES Description: FIRST AIR Format:
Blu-Ray/Download     INTRODUCTION         + Company Presentation & Tour of Company Headquarters + Visit of Flight Operations, Flight Dispatch, Flight Watch... + Cockpit filming using up to 6 cameras for great views on takeoff & landing! + Pilot Presentations  +Brief...

REVIEW - JustPlanes Air France A340 Aviation Video

Dec 10 2016 07:55 AM | Article Viewed 1004 Times

Review by Marlon Carter     INTRODUCTION         + Cockpit filming using up to 7 cameras for fantastic views on takeoff & landing! + Detailed Preflight Preparations + Crew Briefings + Checklists + Aircraft Walkaround +Depature& Arrival Airport Charts + Detailed Cockpit Presentation...

First Look - XPlane11 BETA

Nov 26 2016 08:48 AM | Article Viewed 2917 Times

First Look by Will Reynolds   As we all know, XP11 has been released for PUBLIC BETA....it is what it is folks, a BETA, nothing else.   As such, it would be ridiculous to review a BETA, so what we will do is highlight the differences between XP10 and XP11....what do we see?  I will not go into performance, or anything else, because it is all a moving target at the moment, remember the word...BETA!   Please keep an eye on this link, it highlights the stuff the team at L...

REVIEW - Bonaire Flamingo airport by Aerosoft f...

Nov 19 2016 09:11 AM | Article Viewed 1422 Times

Review by Marlon Carter       Introduction When we think about the Caribbean, we normally think about islands such as Barbados, Jamaica or even St. Lucia. On the other hand, for those of you familiar with the entire Caribbean region, you may have heard of the “ABC Islands”. The ABC islands comprise of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao which are all part of the Netherlands Antilles until 2010 when Bonaire bec...