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Corsair Vengeance® 2100 Wireless Dolby 7.1 Gami...

Apr 09 2014 09:53 PM | Gaiiden in Hardware

Review by Doug Horton. Real pilots wear headsets, to improve communications and reduce engine and other noises. So, why shouldn’t flight simulator users wear headsets? That’s what I suggested in a previous review of Corsair’s Vengeanc...

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NaturalPoint Track IR5

Apr 07 2014 08:20 PM | Gaiiden in Hardware

  Review by Ray Marshall. I have just finished reading the Avsim reviews of the Track IR4 published in 2006 and the TrackClip Pro accessory in 2007.  After a quick overview it may appear that not much has changed in 7 years other than IR5 is...

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Saitek® X-55 RHINO® H.O.T.A.S. System

Mar 26 2014 09:38 PM | Gaiiden in Hardware

Review by Doug Horton. It’s been many years since I operated a flight simulator airplane using a joystick and separate throttle, but I often fly simulated carrier launches and arrested landings in FSX, so it’s time to “get real”...

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Volair Sim gets new center stick attachment

Feb 28 2014 10:04 AM | Gaiiden in Hardware

Review update by Ray Marshall. The award winning Volair Sim now comes standard with a hefty center stick attachment predrilled for the Saitek X52 Pro, the X-65 and the Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog.  When I reviewed the Volair Sim in July of 2013, th...

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GoFlight MCP Pro – Boeing 737NG Mode Control Pane

Feb 21 2014 02:16 PM | Gaiiden in Hardware

Review by Doug Horton. The GF-MCP Pro is part of GoFlight’s family of cockpit control system modules. According to GoFlight, “The MCP Pro is designed to closely resemble the look and function of the Boeing 737NG aircraft’s Mode Control Panel in color,...

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DIY Building a Z87 Computer for Flight Simulation

Jan 27 2014 03:04 PM | Gaiiden in Hardware

Review by Doug Horton. It’s always exciting when manufacturers release new generations of computer components. This build was triggered by the 2013 releases by Intel of 4th generation CORE™ processors and the release by NVIDIA and its manuf...

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GoFlight GF-Pro Yoke System

Nov 27 2013 12:57 AM | Gaiiden in Hardware

Reviewed by Doug Horton. Like many fight simulation enthusiasts, I began the hobby using a small inexpensive joystick as my only controller. The joystick was connected to now obsolete computer though a game port connection, which is also obsolete. Late...

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Wheel Stand Pro for Saitek Pro Flight Products

Nov 06 2013 10:30 PM | Gaiiden in Hardware

Review by Doug Horton. What’s a wheel stand? It’s a device that holds Saitek rudder pedals and yoke system, including throttle quadrant, and optional accessories. It’s been tested for this review with added Saitek Cessna trim wheel and two accessory pa...

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JetMax by Flightdeck Solutions

Nov 03 2013 04:28 PM | Gaiiden in Hardware

Review by Doug Horton. Flightdeck Solutions, Ltd (FDS) designs, manufactures, and markets high quality aviation products for commercial customers, aircraft manufacturers, government agencies, and computer flight simulation enthusiasts. As part of my as...

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