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REVIEW - RCTP Taiwan Taoyuan by PacSim for FSX/P3D

Nov 14 2015 07:09 AM | WR269 in Scenery

Review by Marlon Carter Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (RCTP) FSX/P3D BY PACIFIC ISLANDS SIMULATION         Introduction Pacsim is by no means a new developer and they have released num...

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REVIEW:FSX Steam Edition - Friday Harbor (KFHR)

Sep 26 2015 06:41 AM | WR269 in Scenery

Review by Ray Marshall Friday Harbor (KFHR) airport scenery pack for FSX: Steam Edition is now available for purchase and instant download at the Steam store.   This add on is unique in a couple of ways: 1) it is the first ever Orbx add on scen...

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REVIEW - REX Weather Architect

Sep 19 2015 07:34 AM | WR269 in Scenery

Review by Mike Cameron Weather Architect Developed by: REX Studios   Introduction Have you ever wanted to create your own weather challenge or recreate your own real world weather scenario that is more customizable then the default simulator cu...

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Review: Daytona Beach International X by Aerosoft

Aug 27 2015 12:51 AM | Jordan1995 in Scenery

Daytona Beach International X A review by Mike Cameron   Introduction   I always like to provide a brief history of the scenery area and the airport as an introduction before starting the formal review.  I will also list the Aeroso...

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REVIEW - Dangerous Approaches by Jane Whittaker

Jun 20 2015 07:32 AM | WR269 in Scenery

Review by Mike Cameron   Introduction Dangerous Approaches is the first product developed for FSX: Steam Edition by Jane Whittaker and published by Dovetail Games.  I have already reviewed Cargo Crew, the second product that she developed...

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REVIEW - Ground Environment X by Flight1 Software

Jun 16 2015 04:04 AM | WR269 in Scenery

Review by Marlon Carter   Introduction     Flight1 Software is well known within the FS community and their GEX North America product has been very popular over the past few years. Perhaps what you may not be aware of is the fact tha...

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REVIEW - Aerosoft - Mallorca X Evolution by Max...

Jun 12 2015 08:32 AM | WR269 in Scenery

Review by Maxim Pyankov     Purchase, Install, and Manual Welcome to my review of Aerosoft's (developed by Sim-Wings) new scenery - Mallorca X Evolution - which is Spain's third largest airport, after Madrid and Barcelona, and which becom...

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REVIEW - LatinVFR Orange County - John Wayne Ai...

May 08 2015 08:28 PM | WR269 in Scenery

Review by Mike Cameron     Introduction The information for this introduction was gathered from the product page, orangecounty.net, johnwayneairport.org, ocair.com and the airnav.com websites.  Orange County is California’s...

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REVIEW - Singapore WSSS 2010 for P3D2.5 by Imag...

Apr 25 2015 09:21 AM | WR269 in Scenery

Review by Maxim Pyankov     Changi Airport (IATA: SIN, ICAO: WSSS), located about 10 miles northeast from the commercial center in Changi (eastern end of Singapore), is the primary civilian airport serving Singapore, a modern city-st...

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