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Where Flight Simulation Enthusiasts Gather from Around the World!

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The AVSIM Staff

   Last Updated: 02-AUG-15


Countries represented By 42 AVSIM Volunteer Staff
(click on the flag for more information about the country):

Canada | Bulgaria | United Kingdom | Australia | Ireland | India | Egypt | Portugal | Austria
Thailand | Grenada | Hungary | Colombia | Netherlands | France | U.S.A.| Spain| Poland

AVSIM Online Editorial Staff:

Publisher - Tom Allensworth †
Associate Publisher - Chase Kreznor
Managing Editor - Chuck Jodry
Reviews Editor - Will Reynolds

Library Staff:
Library Director - Dave Opper
Deputy Library Director - Abd-Elrahman Nagy
Library Manager - Jesse Casserly
Library Manager - Igor Vuckovecki
Library Manager - Edmundo Azevedo


Technology Staff:

IT Director (acting) - Tom Allensworth †


AVSIM Inc. Corporate Staff:
President & CEO - Tom Allensworth †
Director of Ops. - Chase Kreznor

Board of Directors:
Tom Allensworth †
Chuck Jodry
Chase Kreznor
Jim Young

Robert Kirkland - Emeritus
Maury Pratt - Emeritus
Robert Whitwell - Emeritus

News Editors:
Chuck Jodry
Bill Leaming
Vybhav Srinivasan
Tom Allensworth †


Would you like to be a volunteer staff contributor to AVSIM Online? We are constantly looking for Reviewers, Editors, Forum Moderators, Technical Expertise, and more. If you are interested in joining our all volunteer team, please click here and respond to the position that you are interested in.
..... Senior Reviewers:
Zane Gard
Bert Pieke
David Wilson-Okamura

Contributing Senior Reviewers:
Gene Davis
Alexis Esguerra

Staff Reviewers / Reporters
Mike Cameron
Marlon Carter
Roger Curtiss
Rick Desjardins
Danny Martinez

Contributing Editors & Reviewers:
Ray Marshall - Contributing Reviewer
Doug Horton - Contributing Editor

Forum Managers:
Director - Jim Young

Forum Moderators:
Jean-Paul Mes
Clive Joy
Richard Brooks
COL Bob Scott, USAF, Retired
Bill Leaming
Peter Zaehringer
Ray Sotkiewicz
Don Moser
Florian Gamperl
Tony Wroblewski
Rob Ainscough



3 Comments on Our Staff

good staff

Jan 30 2014 10:35 PM

Hello guys, long time no talk. Hope everybody is doing ok. Keep it strong!

Chase is back where he belongs.

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Where Flight Simulation Enthusiasts Gather from Around the World!

Where Flight Simulation Enthusiasts Gather from Around the World!