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Planning in progress for 2nd Annual Tom Allensworth Memorial Flight.  Seeking volunteers to help plan and coordinate and calling all simmers around the world to join in on a fly-in event with your fellow community members.  Please head over to this forum post for more details.

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FSDT Vancouver

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#31 duckbilled


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Posted 28 October 2011 - 11:36 AM

As you can see in my sig I have bought the ORBX PNW area as well as a few of the airports that go to it, but frankly for me its been a waste of money. I held off buying the PNW and the AU package for the longest time due to the fact that neither area really interested me very much and prior to those to packages I never flew in the PNW or Australia anyway. I finally took the plunge last Christmas when they had the 1/2 off sale and bought all the ORBX stuff in my sig. I had watched numerous videos on the areas as well as seen hundreds of screen shots thru the years. Finally curosity got the best of me a I bought it all and to this day, have flown probably less than 20 hours combined in the AU and PNW. For me 20 hours of flight time over the course of a year for two huge scenery packages is a complete waste of money. Actually I have never even made a real flight in either package. It's always been one of those load it up a look around for about 3o minutes, then close it and go do a "serious" flight from point A to B.I should have really listened to my gut since I had put off buying that stuff for so long since I new those areas didn't hold a lot of interest for me. So many people said the same but swore that after they flew in ORBX land they would never fly anywhere else, so I figured I might get the same satisfaction and do the same, but unfortunately it didn't work for me and as nice and pretty as it is, I just dont like those areas. I would probably feel different had they done some areas that interest me like south Florida, the Caribbean, Brasil, some parts or Europe, but the PNW and Australia just aren't one of them no matter how hard I try.The good news is that its taught me a good lesson about buying addon airports and aircraft. If the said airports/areas/planes didn't hold an interest prior to a 3rd party version comming out, then the addon versions probably wont interest you much more. I've made too many spur of the moment purchases when it comes to addons and now unless something really interests me whether it be a plane, scenery or airport, I will not buy it based off a bunch of pretty screen shots, videos and rave reviews.

I'm in the same boat with ORBX. I held off on Australia until a sale and I have barely used it since. I did buy PNW but I barely use it because there are no major airports with add on scenery in the region. I am, however, hoping that the existence of FSDT's CYVR will bring more opportunities to fly in the area. Still, I am concerned that it will create FPS issues. I guess we will see.I am really suprised that smaller developers have not tried to develop scenery for the commercial airports that are in the NA ORBX regions - maybe even smaller regional ones like Bellingham. If there was nice scenery for BLI, I know I would get more use out of PNW flying Allegiant's routes.
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#32 cmpbellsjc


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Posted 28 October 2011 - 01:59 PM

I am really suprised that smaller developers have not tried to develop scenery for the commercial airports that are in the NA ORBX regions - maybe even smaller regional ones like Bellingham. If there was nice scenery for BLI, I know I would get more use out of PNW flying Allegiant's routes.

Yeah even though I dont fly that area often I would have been super happy if FSDT had decided to do KPDX rather than Vancouver, especially since ORBX said they had cancelled KPDX developement. I would take KSEA also, but would have to run it with ORBX turned off if I was flying a PMDG or LDS bird since the ORBX KSEA area is too FPS intensive for me to run complex a/c in and maintain peformance. Maybe FSDT will do KPDX at some point since for some reason they are interested in getting people to fly that area as Umberto said. The Flightzone verson was a gread scenery package that could just about be duplicated if FSDT decided to do it. In fact I would bet that KPDX would sell better than Vancouver would.
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#33 GHarrall


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Posted 28 October 2011 - 02:43 PM

I am biased but YVR would trump PDX any day of the week and twice on Sundays.The location and diversity of the traffic alone trumps PDX.Again, I am biased as I want to see more Canadian airports but the Vancouver area is one of the most amazing in both FSX and real life!
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#34 JRMurray



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Posted 29 October 2011 - 12:06 AM

Over-priced real-estate, and materialistic people, but I digress...YVR's a lovely airport. :-P

Hey, I resemble that remark! Posted Image
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Joel Murray @ CYVR (actually, somewhere between CYNJ and CZBB, but quite close to CSK8) Posted Image