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#1 DaryllB25840



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Posted 18 February 2006 - 11:28 AM

First thing I would do is run FSManager scenery doctor to check for scenery errors. If there are, check the find and fix errors box.
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#2 Inactive Member_ridejumpfly_***

Inactive Member_ridejumpfly_***
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Posted 18 February 2006 - 01:30 AM

I have the same problem. It is not a hardware problem but a problem with the Flight scenery PVD zone 1. Not sure how to fix. Some have just replaced the g3d.dll with someone elses that has pvd working. http://www.flightsce...php?p=3622#3622here is a link to the lastest post about it.Justin
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#3 Inactive Member_firehawk44_***

Inactive Member_firehawk44_***
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Posted 14 February 2006 - 02:45 PM

John Ci provided some good info which may fix your problem. I did a Google search a year or so ago on the g3d.dll and found on another forum that this dll is tied somehow to the sim1.dll. That's what an "expert" stated and I cannot confirm it. I know I'm far from being a computer guru... A search on this forum revealed many of the causes for a g3d.dll crash is caused by a bad installation of the video card drivers. So if you recently upgraded your drivers (ATI/NVIDIA recently upgraded their drivers), this could be the cause. You might uninstall/reinstall your drivers and see if this fixes the problem. FS9 is graphic card intensive and if the card is not working properly, it has difficulty getting instructions through the g3d.dll and sim1.dll. I know this is common knowledge but want to make sure you do not have an anti-virus program running when installing new drivers. Sometimes people forget they have the program running in the background when installing a device. I understand this could corrupt the video card registry settings and cause all kinds of problems.Jim Y
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#4 Cactus521


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Posted 14 February 2006 - 01:45 PM

I don't think the file is the problem--the September mod sounds linked to the 9.1 update if I recall the time/datestamps right. I suspect you have some add-on scenery or AFCAD that may be causing the CTD. Problem is, Add-on scenery many miles away can sometimes cause CTD's if something's broken, making it a huge challenge to diagnose. Sometimes it's easiest to find some obscure scenery change by doing a search for scenery.dat folders in your MSFS folder structure, then sorting them by date. MSFS always rebuilds them when it detects new scenery, so sorting them by date order gives a history, so to speak, on where scenery might have changed. The .dat files point to the folders where that changed scenery resides. Hope that helps---John
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#5 WAD3


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Posted 14 February 2006 - 01:31 PM

Can anyone tell me what this file is tied to? I keep getting CTD around KPVD and this file seems to be the cause of it. I dont know why this is happening now. It was last modified in September. I have the FZo1 and KBOS v2 in that area. Not to much else up there.Thanks for any help.Andrew
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#6 Inactive Member_Carl_***

Inactive Member_Carl_***
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Posted 10 June 2006 - 05:48 PM

I really believe this is the fault of bad textures in AI aircraft either in the air or on the ground. I read on the Ultimate traffic forum a while back, found out their are some bad textures in an American Airlines MD80. So the guy that posted this message also gave a link to download some replacement textures for that aircraft and after doing that.... no more g3d.dll or g2d.dll's for me at North American Airports where that aircraft is used. So now I am getting this error message (g3d.dll) while on approach to landing at Reus and Madrid in Spain. I have also received the error/CTD while at the gate in Madrid where you have numerous AI. Try this, turn your AI off in the Options/traffic settings page and see if you still get the dreaded g3d CTD. I'm trying to find out which aircraft are causing my CTDs. I do add traffic beyond the normal default AI on the Ultimate traffic CD using repaints from 3 or 4 major freeware AI addon makers. Hope this helps someone else. I know at the simwings forum that some users are blaming the creators of New Spanish Airports for this CTD, but that simply isn't the cause of this CTD. I have never gotten this error messsage while having traffic set to 0 %.
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