Advertising on AVSIM!
This page last updated: April 8, 2012

AVSIM Online is one of the best advertising venues for flight and combat simulation on the net today. With millions of hits and visitors to AVSIM Online per month, your advertising dollar could not be better invested anywhere. AVSIM's advertising rates are low and afford your company maximum exposure to the simming community. With an advertisement in AVSIM, your product or service will have immediate access to tens of thousands of simulation enthusiasts around the world. With AVSIM's introduction of its unified system, your advertising will find placement on hundreds of locations within AVSIM with immediate exposure and click throughs. AVSIM's advanced advertising and campaign system allow you to create multiple ad campaigns in choice locations rel event to your campaign. Our system allows you to monitor your campaign's success with data provided to you on a minute by minute basis. Placement of your advertising on AVSIM provides you an unbeatable revenue generating platform unequaled by any in the simulation community today.

Interested in discussing placement, campaigns or rates? Send an email to our dedicated advertising team today at