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Last updated: April 7, 2014


The AVSIM TeamSpeak Server

 Connecting to the AVSIM TeamSpeak Server:

  • Download the latest TeamSpeak client from here:The Teamspeak Download Library . As of this writing, the most recent rev is 3.0.8.

  • Install the appropriate client on your PC, MAC or LINUX system.

  • In your TeamSpeak client, connect to AVSIM TeamSpeak server at hqspeakus1.teamspeak.net:24595.

  • This is a mature open community, but a a few channels are private, such as the AVSIM Staff channel, that are private and not accessible to the general public.


  • The Avsim Teamspeak service is a safe place for Avsim flight simmers to have live conversations with other members. It can be a social site with an aviation flavor, groups of Avsim friends, or flight teams using multiplayer.

  • Each participant is subject to all the provisions in the AVSIM Terms of Service (ToS) as well as a few additional rules of conduct while using the AVSIM Teamspeak service, as follows:

  • All conversations and language should be appropriate to all age groups of users who may frequent here. That means that no subjects of an adult or sexually explicit nature are ever appropriate. The use of foul language and off color commentary should be avoided. Repeated warnings will result in the client being disconnected.

  • We do not support or participate in any illegal or criminal activities. That means that if you are using pirated software, please go elsewhere. Do not use our Teamspeak to support, exchange, or assist in any criminal or illegal activity of any nature.

  • Any moderating decisions made within these guidelines by AVSIM Teamspeak management is final. If you do not agree to abide by all these rules, please do not enter or use our Teamspeak Channels.

    The AVSIM Teamspeak Management Group

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