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The use of material such as images, brochures, documents, news articles, etc., on AVSIM is subject to Copyright Laws and our Terms of Service. There is no interpretations of Copyright Law, internationally accepted by nearly all countries in the world. It is very simple.


USE OF MATERAIL ON AVSIM: If you do not own the material, image, document, brochure, publication, YOU MUST HAVE WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM ITS OWNER to post it on AVSIM. You can link to that material by providing a simple URL, but you cannot place that material on AVSIM period. When you do, you place AVSIM at risk and you are in violation of our Terms of Service. Violations will result in an initial one time suspension and any subsequent violation will result in total banning.


USE OF MATERIAL FROM AVSIM: Copying and pasting of material from AVSIM,  ANY CONTENT, is a violation of our copyright and our Terms of Service. Violators will be treated as above.


Do not violate Copyright Laws or our Terms of Service.

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