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Updated: March 24, 2013


All material uploaded to or shown on AVSIM must be the property of the uploader. If an image does not belong to you, or you do not have the owner's permission to use it, you are violating someone's copyright. That is a violation of AVSIM's Terms of Service and can get your posting privelages removed. If it does not belong to you, do not place it on or in AVSIM's forums!


Images uploaded to AVSIM for use in any forum are only stored for approximately 120 days. If you are using AVSIM to store your signature image, you might want to consider placing them elsewhere and linking to them, otherwise it will be disappearing from time to time.


Images used in all forums EXCEPT the SCREEN SHOT forum, must be used for clarification or visualization of a problem. "Artistic" or demonstration images must only be placed in the SCREEN SHOT forum.


In other words, if your image is not a "how do I fix this" or "this is the way you do that" type of image, it can only be placed in the Screen Shot forum. Images not meeting this requirement outside the Screen Shot forum will be deleted. Repeated violation of this requirement will cause posting privelages to be removed entirely.


ALL images UPLOADED and HOSTED on an AVSIM Server shall not exceed 1600 pixels in width and 400 Kbytes in weight and will only be available, as stated above, for approximately 120 days. Only ten (10) uploaded images will be uploaded to a single topic or message.


Images EMBEDDED, that is, appear as an actual image in the topic posting but HOSTED ELSEWHERE, can be of any size or weight. Embedded images can number up to 20 in a single post. Images that are embedded will be resized to fit the reader's screen width automatically. By clicking on the embedded image, the original image size and resolution will be displayed to the reader.


LINKED images, that is, a URL in the topic message without the actual images showing within the message, can be any size and weight desired. Please give users warning of large file sizes however.


Screen shot forum topics must be started with an included image. Opening messages within the screen shot forum without an image will be removed. Subsequent messages in the topic may also include images.


Summary of Image Size and Weight Rules
Type Dimensions Weight Types Number Allowed
Uploaded 1600 pixels wide maximum 400 Kbytes PNG, GIF, JPG 10 maximum
Embedded No Limit
No Limit
PNG, GIF, JPG 20 maximum
Linked to No Limit, but forewarn readers No limit PNG, GIF, JPG 20 maximum


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