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If you have issues with your transaction, or need further assistance, please contact us at market@avsim.com.


We know that in these times discretionary income is hard, if not impossible to come by. We also know that contributing anything to AVSIM could cause you to let a purchase or expense go by. It is important for us to recognize your contribution and our gratitude to you for having made it. Thank you! Your contributions help tremendously to keep AVSIM up, running and serving the finest community on the Internet today.


We want you to know what your contribution accomplishes. Your contribution goes to pay for the enormous cost of bandwidth that a site like AVSIM consumes in providing its service to our community. The file library alone consumes terabytes of data a week, anywhere from 9 to 11 Terabytes a month alone (that does not include bandwidth used by the forum, news area and other locations on AVSIM), and that bandwidth comes at a cost which your contribution helps considerably to pay for.


Your contribution goes to defray other costs as well. As an example, in May of 2012, we spent over $10,000 in upgrading our backup hardware and software. The backup system allows us to continually refine our backup strategy and the deployment of our assets. All of which greatly increases the speed with which we can bring AVSIM back online in the event that the unthinkable happens.


Your contribution defrays other expenses from time to time as well. Upgrading software, hiring consultants to do both hardware and software upgrades, and covering occasional expenses for our staff to travel and meet. Your contributions also allow us to make charitable contributions to flight organizations, aviation initiatives, and much more.


Your contribution counts and it counts importantly. Thank you for your donation. It will be put to good use in continuing to bring you the ASVIM Community and all the things that we do.

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