Copyrights are protected by U.S. and International Law. You are responsible for what you upload. If you upload any material that is not an original work by you, then it is likely that the other material in your upload is owned by someone else. You must have written permission to upload the works of others, otherwise you are in violation of their copyrights and you can be held liable for that violation. By uploading to AVSIM's File Library System, you acknowledge and agree that the material in your upload is either original work by you, or that you have written permission from the original author to upload their material or material based upon their original work.


By uploading to the library, you further acknowledge and agree that you indemnify AVSIM for any violations of copyright laws in your uploads and that you will pay any and all fees associated with legal action brought against AVSIM as a result of your upload and violations of copyright.


Finally, you agree that if your file is challenged for copyright violation, that when notified by AVSIM, you will show proof of permission immediately to staff at AVSIM. Inability to show that proof will be cause for banning from future uploads to the AVSIM Library. At AVSIM, we take the issue of copyrights very seriously and we will enforce the rights of copyright holders without question.




Maximum File Size: The AVSIM Library accepts files up to 250MB in size for download. Files that are larger than this will be rejected by the system automatically. If you have file that exceeds this size restriction, please contact the library managers for possible alternatives.


Testing Your File: Prior to uploading your file, please make sure you have completed a thorough beta testing period in order to assure your file is worthy of uploading. Numerous updates and fixes are very confusing to our readers, and will not be accepted if provided within a short period of time. Users expect ease of installation. Everything you can do to ensure the ease of installing and a bug free file will be appreciated by downloaders.


Screening and Availability: No files will be available for downloading until they have been screened by staff. "Screening" may consist of checking the integrity of the compressed file, determining the nature of the file package; "Screening" does not include installing the file package to determine if it works or determining whether the files are virus-free. Screening and posting will usually take place several times during the course of the day.


Copyrights (again): Do not upload freeware or shareware files in violation of the author's copyright. AVSIM has a very strict "no questions asked" or "zero tolerance" policy as it pertains to copyright violations. If your file is suspected of copyright violations, AVSIM Online will immediately remove the file and you could be banned from posting any further files.


The following instructions must be carefully followed, or your file will not be processed:


Your uploaded zip archive must contain a '.txt' (plain text) file IN ENGLISH, containing easy to understand installation instructions, your full name (no alias names allowed), and your email address and/or a link to your active support forum in order to provide technical support to all who download your file, plus any other important information. Note: Failure to provide the above information will result in your file being deleted without notice. Additional readme.txt files in other languages may be included.


All file listings must be IN ENGLISH. Failure to adhere to this will result in your upload(s) being deleted. If you wish to have a thumbnail image posted with your file in the Library, you must also upload this item separately from your zip archive, following the instructions provided in the upload interface.


All thumbnails must be in GIF, JPG or PNG format, and must be no larger than 150x150 pixels.


In addition, should you wish to have a larger image of your file available for our readers to view, you must also upload this separately from your zip archive, following the instructions provided in the upload interface. We accept GIF, JPG and PNG files.


Please do not place group or company names in the title of your download. You can place these in the Author or Description fields.


Do not upload commercial files, "warez", video or movie files (except where explicitly granted permission before uploading) or non-aviation simulation related files.


All uploads absolutely must be in ZIP format. Any other formats will be rejected by the upload mechanism!


Please remember that all files in the Library are available "AS IS", and AVSIM Online will not be responsible for any problems you may have with them.


Download, install, and use the files at your own risk. If you detect any general problems with a file related to incompleteness or safety (such as detecting a virus), please feel free to drop the Library Managers a line to let us know of the problem. However, for all other questions about a file, please contact the author of the file rather than us.