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  2. A .pln file is a flight plan file for a flight you are about to fly. A .flt plan is a file that has saved some of the elements of a flight you have underway, presumedly so you might later resume the flight. However there are some significant issues with resuming a flight, such as recovering position of your flight controls, restarting some systems like GPS, etc. The two, .pln and .flt are intended for two significantly different scenarios. Who is Workplace GNS? Did you intend to write Working Title?
  3. I agree they look good! But in all honesty I've generally noticed that Dominic's airports tend to look great on screenshots, and then turn out to be wholly inaccurate when comparing to real life pictures. Their Lima scenery, for example, had many errors. And so I tend to be rather skeptical of them... Anyway, I already bought MKS' KPHL because they tend to be quite good, and so far I've enjoyed their scenery. Curious to hear from others how cKPHL is, though.
  4. I would guess you need to uninstall the original copy first, then add to the new PC.
  5. From what I've seen, it seems as though, as others said, people that 'need to be aware of it' usually are, and will scrounge the forums for any hint of release. And if it's an important enough addon, somebody will post about it on Avsim, such as happened with KIAH and CYYC in the last few days. Personally, looking over simmarket and Flightsim.to is my morning routine while I have breakfast. And in that routine, I have noticed many 'smaller' developers releasing kind of whenever... T2G being one of those.
  6. Second bundle this week so far where even though I already had one of the airports included (Nadi the other day, LAX today), the bundle was still a great deal for me! I wish we saw more sales like this from other developers/shops. I’m putting a lot of money in Inibuilds’ pockets but I‘m also getting good value. You know, that whole “win-win” thing. 😉 James
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  8. That's weird indeed. Save for those that have special interest in a certain airport, I would have pictured a flight simmer sitting in front of their PC over a long weekend to be far more likely to decide to buy a brand new airport then rather than during the next workweek when they're psychologically in a different place because of work, appointments, etc. and completely miss the news, forget about it or just decide it's not worth it. Usually I would expect a boost in starter sales on a long weekend over a busy Wednesday, i.e. giving people something new they may like when they're most approachable in that regard.
  9. I only use the freeware XP12 PlugIn LIVE TRAFFIC which does two things it connects to a variety of online real time world air traffic sites such as Open Sky Network and the ADSB Radar Exchange Global Radar. It requires you download and install a large AI model library they recommend the BlueBell AI Library. It then takes the real world traffic data and generates the AI traffic in real time. Downside a bit fiddly to get a connection going and the OpenSky Network is free for a little while but then you have to subscribe - it is a minor $5 a month so more than happy with that. Gives great real time traffic and accurate aircraft types - not always the correct airline colours etc but good enough. Main downside the traffic generated in the sim is doing its real world thing so you can get run over or in the road on busy taxiways. A minor inconvienance. You can just go plane spotting sometimes at some locations. Oh and yes it gives airport and enroute traffic (high level stuff you will see contrails) so if you have something like Navigraph set up for a sim connection you can actually see that generated traffic on the Navigraph map interface. Proof of concept - this is me in the sim in the Shensee B707 in the queue for departure at Sydney Australia all the other aircraft are being generated by LiveTraffic. It gets quite busy. For me in out of the way places there is no traffic because there is no traffic! Enroute high level traffic contrails being generated to the left of me:
  10. In that link you posted you can read Microsoft Flight is not part of the Flight Simulator Series. This is the Microsoft Flight Simulator Series: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator And there it is:
  11. It's all good, I'm just in the 'tough love' mood that's all. Dealing with my IRL flight crews today. Anyways, FS sales are/were kind of weird. Even though I've been out of the scene a while, most of the rules of sales still apply, even a hundred years later. We had sceneries that still sold years later on outdated platforms. No idea why. We always had dates in mind that for whatever reason or another would have been great to start selling. When we missed those marks, we found out that it didn't matter after all. All that mattered were that people knew a head of time it was coming. Some sceneries we did thinking they wouldn't sell that well at all, sold great. In the end, most of the conventional rules don't really apply, and you never know when or where they will apply. Then there are your own internals to factor in also. Anyways, hopefully he does good with MCO.
  12. From inside my running copy of MSFS2020, the Marketplace shows I own Premium Deluxe upgrade. However if I go to the Microsoft Store and sign in it doesn't show I own either the Standard or the Premium Deluxe version. It just shows "Buy..." I am trying to install MSFS2020 on a new PC I just built and assumed the MS Store would just reinstall to a new location but I guess not. So, how do you get MS to install the sim without buying it again? I'm not trying to get 2 copies, I will uninstall from the old PC when the new install is up and running. Thanks
  13. Yesterday
  14. Did anyone get to try the Black Pearl Adventures stuff I saw on the Marketplace today? It has 5 stars and looks pretty interesting. https://www.blackpearladventures.com Cheers sp
  15. Working out the kinks of MSFS. PMDG DC-6 tutorial asks to load a *.PLN, dialog box only sees *.FLT. Before I installed the Workplace GNS 430/530, I think I remember that the dialog box saw the *.PLN files, now only *.FLT files are acceptable. What am I missing? I can create *.FLT files but why aren't *.PLN file acceptable. Thanks, Jim Driskell
  16. I already bought the MK version, but looking at some of the pics, they sure look good!!!
  17. One point I have to make unlike other developers we don't get a slide show. For $10.00 I get a smooth ride and I am a happy camper. Bottom line FS Dreamteam, flytampa, and Flightbeam are the best airport developers!!!
  18. No idea why we can't just have a normal conversation about it. I touched the subject slightly to make a point about something completely different before you replied to it. Since then I've explained my reasoning behind what I said from my own experience in business and after merely getting a couple of one liners about being wrong with regards to flight sim sales wondered if you might actually elaborate on it a bit, but I'm just getting a dismissive comment instead... I'm not trying to run anyone's business, just interested. That's all.
  19. I notice when I start MSFS, I'll get a notification that downloads have started. How do I manually control this? I didn't see anything in the data section under settings. Thanks, Mark
  20. Not locked simply means there is no hardcoded version check that prevents some addons from event attempting to run on new p3d releases. I was just explaining Sparkrite that there is a good reason for chaseplane to have this, while other addons don't need it.
  21. Well, you can tell him that then. Maybe he'll hire you as a sales consultant. 🙂 Why don't you let him run his company for a couple of minutes.
  22. I use Traffic Global in XP11. Pretty happy with it, except when I arrive at the destination airport, the gates are 98% full. If you want crowded skies, that will be a scenario. Less crowded skies - more free gates. JustFlight needs to tune that, but it's been like that from the start, so I guess it's not possible or not needed. Not sure how it works in XP12 though, others can share their experiences.
  23. That and it could have also been the holiday itself. Even if it was ready, he might not have been able to make it into the e-commerce system in time, who knows. Not sure why everyone is so worried about it..lol. It's his business, not ours.
  24. No offence but maybe explain that a little instead of basically just saying "no" all the time. I may not be a flight sim dev but I'm not clueless when it comes to business economics and I find it a bit hard to imagine none of this apparently exists in flight sim sales at all, especially when there have been several developers actually making comments about release timings to help sales.
  25. this article is a few years old, and partially wrong: "Asobo Studio developed Microsoft Flight Simulator ..... It is the first major entry in the Microsoft Flight Simulator series since 2006's Flight Simulator X (FSX)," so Microsoft FLIGHT in 2012 never happened then: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Flight
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