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  2. FS9 is just so perfect for this... epic stuff, Harald, especially your esoteric AI collection (Somon Air??? ) I do like that last shot, such an unusual framing and feels like you are about to be run over from behind by a big Antonov!
  3. You've got a point there, Vic. As always. Thanks! Well... I guess Vic is right: it's about the effect. I seriously have no idea what textures exactly are different in that picture... Yes, I do see differences but I also see them with SF. I think this is something that is hard to discuss about indeed. Everyone just should use what he or she likes or thinks is the most realistic.
  4. I agree, Canyon land is one region where you really can not go without Ortho ! (and this must be something in VR).
  5. Just want to get some opinions. I've been flying FSX for a lot of years. As time goes on better sims come and go on the market. What would some of you recommend to upgrade too that is better than FSX? Or has the potential to be better than FSX? I've researched this subject here and out on the net. Also would like it to work with P2ATC. Or should I stay with FSX for time being? Thanks in advance all your opinions.
  6. No one wanted the DC-6 either but we got that anyway Kidding of course. Please don’t ban me Robert, I didn’t mean it
  7. When there is such thing as a "go to sim" the rest will die. In the mean time (which is the most probable future), whatever is the most realistic experience will be the most favored....FSW is not the most favored flight sim. I'm very glad that you are enjoying FSW, I'm enjoying P3Dv4 (mostly), X-Plane 11, and AeroFly2.
  8. TFDI may be your best bet for an MD-11. Welcome to the forum! Do note that PMDG require full names to be signed on all posts, first and last.
  9. OK then - two images of child pornography! That should cut down the curiosity.. OZx is a great free image hosting site for us simmers - yes there are the odd adult porn images which get repeatedly posted - either in Polish or Czech or some eastern european language (sorry I don't know which), but these last two were for the paedo's..
  10. Nobody wants them anymore
  11. XP11

    thanks guys. I like to escape from time to time from the ugly winter up north.
  12. Jay, Thanks for the post and link to fsaerodata. Unfortunately that won't help this issue. AIRAC data does have all the correct frequencies now....a fairly recent addition. However, it does not have the controller geographic boundaries where, in the real world, you would get passed from one center controller to another. The other issue would be that P2A uses the AIRAC data for frequencies, so the updated SIM data would not fix the issue. Dave
  13. Stefan Hatt
  14. ***mini update*** Now that the team is back from holiday, work resumes on the Hornet. One of the big areas that you can see visible results is the EW page. Attached are a couple WIP images of the main display page and the manual (MAN) programing page. I’ll do a full academic video on this later, but in a nutshell, the bypass mode allows single release of chaff and flare from the countermeasures dispense switch on the throttles and when in the ON mode, it can use semi-automatic (S/A), automatic (AUTO), and manual (MAN) modes. When set to MAN mode, the ARM PB brings up the programming edit page that allows you to create and save dispense programs. It's a very easy to use system. You may also notice the O1 and O2 counts, these are for GEN-X expendables. On the radar front, much of the work is on the locking of targets in STT and LTWS modes. This is also critical for the ACM modes. Other focused work continues on the flight model / FCS, bombing HUD, INS, and audio. A small thing, but we also adjusted the DDIs and MPCD to not be smudgy messes. Thanks, Matt “Wags” Wagner Senior Producer, Eagles Dynamics SA
  15. Ortho4xp creates its own mesh from .hgt files that you can download from various sources on the web (see Elevation_Data subdir). You decide the resolution (curv_tol in Build Base Mesh). On top of this mesh, it drapes the photoreal textures. They are cut in smal triangels, lower curv_tol means higher complexity, but smaller triangles and more work for the renderer (in our case, X-Plane). This number will have high impact in mountains and you could end up using all your memory. One would only use HD Mesh to create what is on top with the overlay option: autogen, roads, rails, tension lines and so on (in the base mesh, as well as in HDMesh, all this info is in the one mesh file). So Ortho4XP does not use the elevation data from this mesh.
  16. Remember, there was a lot of "steam" for Flight School too. They plainly said it was geared for beginners and that it was not going to be open to add-ons, so where is it? Is there no longer such thing as beginners in flight sims? The future was not thought though thoroughly, and a waste of effort/time/money was the result. Yes Flight School was incorporated into FSW, but that resulted in so many people getting FSW for free and that could not have been the original plan. This was a reaction to the rejection of Flight School and the same is happening to FSW, except this time its getting very expensive to react to the rejection of FSW and I'm not sure the board of directors at DTG has that much of a heart for this competition, but of course we give Steven Hood all the time he needs to make FSW the go to sim. There will never be enough FSW hype, tee shirts, or hats to be able to help this project.
  17. I read your post incorrectly. I read it as working in P3D actually said P3D v4 but in 4K.
  18. several years ago,everyone was bemoaning the death of the only flight sim, with MS having dropped FSX and MS Flight. Today, we're arguing about so many sims. I call this progress.
  19. This is the cooler I have and I don't notice it being loud at all.
  20. The add-on fsaerodata corrects this discrepancy. It is subscription based and requires a separate subscription to Navigraph AIRAC updates. That may be more money than you want to spend just to fix ARTCC frequencies. fsaerodata:
  21. Drive thru dentist. Scroll down to see surveillance footage of the flight.
  22. And lest we forget PF3 like ProATC is also wind dependent choosing the rwy to take off or land, it goes with AI flow. Or can be overriden no problem. There is also a 3party tool for rwy randomization in addition to it. PS: ProATC is more for the lazy like me - moving map, yay!!
  23. I feel like for long time Mr.RR did not feed us with one of his stylish post
  24. Shoot Flysimware an e-mail and see what they say. I rate the chances of success as slim because the Lear is pretty much bug free and any further updates will take a while. The devs are busy with their next project. And absolutely do not underestimate the issue of compatibility. It may be nigh impossible to draw some painters out from under their rocks to improve upon a minor thing and go through the reuploading process again. Also, to make FSW's effort worthwhile, there should be much more than one or two paints as compensation.
  25. That's a good question
  26. Here you can see multiple clouds textures for the same type of clouds. Made by cellphone ,so sorry for the quality.
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