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  2. Aerosoft A318/319 v. 1.31 & P3Dv4

    I guess what part of "they are porting to 64bit but also decided to really enhance the aircraft and rebuild the systems from the ground up, add other 64bit enhancements like TrueGlass etc" didn't you get. All PMDG did was make the gauges 64 bit. As stated many times above AS, as a good dev should do, decided to make their product better. Could they have taken the time to port just the gauges and whatever else broke moving to v4...yes. But why spend precious developer time making a middling update when you can really make the product better. So flightsimmers don't have an Airbus series for 6+ months or however long its been. In the end they get a better aircraft series. So if AS is rebuilding the aircraft from the ground up with almost 80% new code why is an upgrade fee unjustified. Hell feelthere, Captainsim, and many other devs charged for the simple port over. AS is redoing almost everything. I guess I don't get the angst towards devs. I'm not an AS apologist but i don't think any of us know what its like until we are in their shoes. Especially when flight simmers have an infinite combination of hardware systems, 4+ flight sims, multiple update versions in those flight sims, compatibility among other addons. I know i wouldn't want to deal with that nightmare.
  3. Button version is necessary I think, many friends of mine don’t bought maddog Fs2crew for this reason , I think you will have a good return from it if you spend some time on it , I’m an owners of your voice version and I will prefer to use a button version which would be much practical and fast to use, and I will gladly pay an update price for it please rethink your position
  4. No button control.. Thats a pity, this plane really needs a crew.. too much to do alone!
  5. Nice New RAAS Review!

    Just found a nice new review of RAAS: Only thing I would disagree with is this: For it to work, you need to set the assignment, then exit Flight Simulator and re-load Flight Sim for the setting to take effect.
  6. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    The same but automatically ....
  7. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Imagine Vsync On / Unlimited with a 60 hrtz monitor The moment your pc drops too long below 60 Vsync cuts your syncd framerate in half : 30. If you system can’t hold 30 it will drop to 20. If 20 is too much it will drop to 15 and even 12. So 60 /2/3/4/5 etc Locked at the same framerate it smoother than that framerate at Unlimited...
  8. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Might be a stupid question, but what is the difference between a Fiber accelerator 2018 booster live and this new tool? it confuses me a lot leon
  9. Engine Start Problem

    I doubt it's the start procedure being used. If you have EPR and EGT responding then the start procedure is working, but not on all parts of the engine model. Part of the engine model responding, part not sounds like the problem reported in this NGX thread, which was FSUIPC related. I suggest trying without any FSUIPC connections or assignments to the engine fuel switches.
  10. "P3D has stopped working"

    A suggestion for those experiencing the lockup problem. If you have a paid version of FSUIPC then load a save flight a few minutes before the freeze. If it freezes again then it might be reproducible and can be fixed. Load the saved flight and pause P3D. Make a note of GMT time, altitude, lat & lon and heading. Unpause and hope for the crash. Make a note of the time it took from unpausing to freezing. Send the info to LM on their forum.
  11. It's quite simple, actually. By their own admission, their DC6 has sold incomparably less compared to their other P3D offers. Their deduction was that the XP market is not comparable to the P3D market. My opinion is that two factors significantly skewed their conclusion, i.e.: .) DC6 was released for XP10, whereas the upsurge in XP adoption has been after the release of XP11; .) Apparently, modern airliners are the most selling products in the flight sim market, with GA aircrafts possibly the next best selling ones, while the DC6 is quite a different aircraft, neither a modern airliner, nor a typical aircraft used by GA pilots. So, I can't blame them for not being warm towards XP community. But at the end of the day, this doesn't really matter for two reasons, i.e.: .) other 3rd parties have already shown that they can produce excellent products for XP (the DC6 itself, from the reviews I read, wasn't really a superior product compared to other offers that were already been released for XP). .) if the market for XP grows significantly, and more so if it should become the biggest market for flightsims (still a way to go to date, but you never know) they will certainly consider it again. In other words, the fact that PMDG is not developing for XP, is the least of its "problems". A lot more important is how and how rapidly XP will fill its current shortcomings: seasons, weather, ATC, etc.
  12. UT Live traffic is invisible

    Check if you have another program interfering with your AI traffic, for example FSIUPC has a setting to reduce the AI traffic depending of your current FPS, you should not use this with UTL. S.
  13. After FSL's malware scandal, they honestly don't deserve new customers anyway.
  14. FSL A320-X for P3Dv4.2 Update now available - v2.0.1.237

    I was hoping to buy this bird but I'm going to wait until the FPS reports get better.
  15. 777 flaps are amazing!

    Fly it in VR and you will get a sense of the scale!
  16. Thanks RALF but I was really hoping to not see any 2D panels at all, small, transparent or otherwise. Are you saying 2D panels are the only way MCE can switch some items? gb.
  17. Just in case you're using a very old MCE version, suggest you update to latest Might be something to do with a specific TTS voice of yours. You don't need to use any TTS voices. We provide 10 human recorded voice packs (3 come with the Demo and 7 are free downloads). Restore MCE to factory settings. Start->All Apps->Multi Crew Experience->Restore factory settings. That will set MCE to use the default human recorded voices. You'll be prompted to go through the wizard. No need for speech training though. MCE should be able to start in that coinfiguration. Eventually go to <Command> tab, select "TTS voices" to list any installed 32 bit voices and try to assign one to any crew member. See if it fails and report which voice (Name and manufacturer).
  18. UT Live crash upon exiting P3D v4.2

    Ok I haven't updated yet, I will try later this weekend to see if after doing so I can repeat the crash. S.
  19. p3d v 4.2 Worth it / needed

    Hello Victor, P3D 4.1 had some bugs that created issues for many developers. Some have held back their new releases until the release of 4.2, so in the long run you will have to upgrade anyway. I went to 4.2 about 1-2 weeks after it was released and had no issues whatsoever. Peter
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  21. UT Live crash upon exiting P3D v4.2

    Yes, I have the latest version.
  22. Try going into your bios to check the settings it may have upset the bios, depending on what MB you some can update the bios without going into windows, you can also try removing and replacing your Cmos battery .
  23. Aerosoft A318/319 v. 1.31 & P3Dv4

    I personally don´t care about any delays. That can happen... I don´t mind. The difference between the PMDG NG and the Aerosoft Airbus is... PMDG provided free x64 ports for the whole product line. Aerosoft didn´t. If he was not able to tell stories he´d truly be a bad manager ;-) @Nyxx what do you think is the reason for not porting the old Airbus to x64?
  24. UT Live traffic is invisible

    UTLive worked perfectly for three months, (I never opened the config tool after the initial install) but since last Sunday, my AI traffic vanished from P3Dv4.2, here is what I see: When starting P3Dv4.2 UTL executes correctly (splash screen visible). Regardless of which airport I select, there is only ONE aircraft on the tarmac. This is corroborated by the status board indicating ONE scheduled Departure and several arrivals. If I wait a few seconds, suddenly plenty of aircraft will populate the gates and SODE reacts by extending the gates. But that lasts a second or so, all aircraft vanish instantly together. The status board remains coordinated, a sudden spike of Departures and ... only one remains. This repeats on and on, every minute or so There is no moving or flying traffic visible anywhere If I click on "increase density" in UTLive menu, aircraft will appear and vanish instantly. The same if I click on "Reset" or "Decrease density" I have tried about all possible UTL parameters (which I never touched before in three months) to no avail, I uninstalled UTL and performed several "clean" re-install, disabled xml recent add-ons to check if there was a sudden conflict, no change, my tarmacs are empty worldwide... My two last flights last week-end were as follows: EGLL-VIDP, (PMDG 744) I had plenty of AI at Heathrow as usual, only one at VIDP, I thought this was due to the landing being at 2.00am local time VIDP-UUEE, , (PMDG 773) Early take off (6.00am), no AI traffic at any gate in Delhi, no traffic at any gate in Moscow. This is when I realised that something was wrong with UTL. Between these two flights, I installed FSAerodata (but it was demonstrated by other UTL users and the FSAD developer that this software cannot disturb UTL), and tried a FFTF of 0.01 in my P3D.cfg, but removed it afterwards having seen no difference in performance. My specs: Software: Windows 10 HE, P3Dv4.2, AS4 + ASCA + ENVTEX + REX, FSUIPC 5, MCE, SODE, GSX Hardware: i8700K stable OC 4.7GHz, Nvidia GTX 1070, RAM 32 GB DDR4 3200MHz, MSI Z370 Pro carbon, Samsung SSD 960 M2. That's all I can offer as background information, I wonder if there is a way to "repair" P3Dv4.2, I have yet to find out the proper information, a clean P3D re-install would take me three days of work given the number of sceneries I have and full ORBX, so I would not want to contemplate that for the time being since UTL is the only product that is not working. Any feedback would be welcome. Jean-Claude
  25. Using Prepar3DDv4.2 from now on. I am trying to get MCE working with v4.2 but when I go so start MCE I am getting the error "Failed to initialize TTS" them MCE stops working. Any Ideas of what I need to do? Thanks Walt
  26. Simmarket False Identify Purchase Please Help!

    I would contact them I had a problem downloading a product I purchased they were very helpful and sorted it, the only worry for simmarket is that when the FSL labs thing kicked off the hacking site had simmarket on there list, Onapproach has a screenshot of the site, that has now gone the isp most likely changed. But simmarket will help you if contact them.
  27. Friday

    Flight Simulator X - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications Thomas Cook Airlines Boeing 737-800 (OY-TCD) by Torsten Märtke Coconut Air VA Liveries by CaptnObvious Sunday Airlines Boeing 737-500 by Sergey Gleba | PaintSim Transaero Boeing 747-300 by Sergey Gleba | PaintSim MIAT Boeing 767-300ER by Sergey Gleba | PaintSim Danish Air Transport McDonnell Douglas MD-82 by Sergey Gleba | PaintSim Flight Simulator X - Scenery Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport (LEMD) Madrid, Spain by Ray Smith Flight Simulator 2004 - AI Aircraft Lufthansa "New Colors" Airbus A350-900 (D-AIXI) by Michael Kalinowsky Flight Simulator 2004 - Scenery FS2004 Kilimanjaro International Airport V1.1 by Emmanuel Mwandosya LEXJ_SANTANDER_2018 by LIBON SERGE Prepar3D - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications Cessna C310 (G-BODY and G-SOUL) by Ron Attwood Prepar3D - Missions by HeloMissionMan
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