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  2. David- I was hoping you would do this. Your guides have helped so many in the past and I'm grateful to see you at work assisting, again mate! BZ! C
  3. These creators don't waste any time! https://flightsim.to/c/liveries/fenix-simulations-a320
  4. Hi Dane, this can only done by modifying or adding an airport add-on but not in LNM. You'd have to use the MSFS developer tools to do this. Alex
  5. One feature of the new Fenix that I'm currently enjoying, and that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else, is the custom contrails. I think they look fantastic, and are much closer to reality (at least for shorter contrails) than the default ones trumpeted by Asobo last year. There are a few other things I like about this new plane too 😉
  6. 1) I know his gpu is good enough for a 2K monitor. Anybody know about his cpu, I'm not sure how good it is. But that GPU will get the job done. 2) in content manager you can delete the photogrammetry cities (don't delete the whole world updates). It should be under 1 GB or something like that for removing all the photogrammetry cities. I helps me about 4 fps for sure. You have to go to content manager and in the search type: photo . Or type photogrammetry. The total to delete will be less than 1 GB (I think). If its like 50 GB then you are deleting the whole World Updates. You don't have and don't want to do that. 3) A 2K monitor will give way better performance than a 1440, and light years better than a 4K monitor. With my specs, I have to run a 2K monitor. But settings are all Ultra except render is 150 and the two LODs are both 200 instead of 200 and 400. I get about 30 fps, more than 30 fps in sparse scenery.
  7. As far as I'm aware, the EFB has Remote capabilities, but not the MCDU. Edit: Made a quick double check on their Discord and it looks like the EFB is the only component that has some remote function via Browser right now. https://discord.com/channels/736572376967282769/864947685924012032/976032505104826438
  8. Quite hard to RTFM when there isn't really one! I deliberately created a random failure through the MCDU (it failed a fuel pump), then on stand cleared it the way you said through the Maintenance section of the MCDU. You have to tell them to diagnose and wait first, before you can instruct a repair.
  9. Have you seen how much GPUs are, even the most basic!? Also how many people have a spare PCI-E x16 slot to do this? I have an F series i5 12th gen with no onboard graphics, I just get the CPU to render the displays (in performance quality) since I am heavily GPU bound anyway (like most people). CPU only hits 65% load. Too much is being made of this iGPU thing, you can just get the displays to render on the CPU with similar benefits. See my above text. Also https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/619233-fenix-a320-released/?do=findComment&comment=4778008 found better performance using CPU for the displays then the CPU onboard graphics. Yep, it has BRT and DIM positions, you'll find the toggle switch just up and right of the seatbelt and no smoking signs. Most other flightdeck lights are on white rotary knobs, the lighting is very controllable.
  10. Thank you This seems to do the trick. Enabled the built-in gpu and FPS are now steady at 30fps at gate 15 ESSA.
  11. Don't be such a snowflake. People can have whatever hardware they want, for whatever reason - that's no issue whatsoever. But you can't expect and complain about poor performance on a modern product if you have old and obsolete hardware. It doesn't matter if I can't afford a new rig, there's no good complaining that I'm not getting good frames if I'm trying to run MSFS on a 2002 Intel Celeron with 2gb Ram. It I were Fenix, I would be incredibly frustrated that rumours are circulating of poor performance. If you're trying to run the most complex home-simulated aircraft in flight simulator history on a processor which is less than half the performance of the absolute entry model current processors then you are not going to do very well, and that should not be a surprise. It's like me entering a Formula 1 race in a Toyota Corolla then complaining that I can't keep up.
  12. OK I am back after some A to B to A testing. Also tried the latest FBW experimental for comparison: Interestingly enough, it gets better for my system with the displays on the CPU rather than the integrated graphics; this is a bit baffling, but I guess every system is different. Bear in mind the quick comparison is done when stationary with panel state ready for take off selected, on RWY 03R at LGAV. AI traffic is off as I only fly on VATSIM. System specs are a 7700K o/c @4.8GHz all core, HT on, 32 GB RAM and a GTX 1080Ti running at 3400 X 1440 ultrawide. OIn a side note, I observe that the Fenix loads faster than any other plane I have had until now in MSFS, as fast as a default actually, maybe because most of it runs outside the sim? Anyway here are the results: FlyByWire experimental Fenix running on the 1080Ti Fenix running on the CPU Fenix running on the intel integrated graphics. For all of these I am running the latest Intel & Nvidia drivers. Bear in mind this is just a static test with systems running, but it is not indicative of smoothness and FPS consistency in flight which is more important. It could be that while the CPU option gives the best FPS (in fact as much as the FBW bird for those afraid of performance) it might be less smooth if clouds, scenery loading etc is happening at the same time. I will continue testing and report back. But there you go if you were afraid of performance, on an old system like mine, with all the setting at ultra and unchanged from all the other addons. By the way, the Fenix display quality setting is set to quality, I haven't tried the lower settings and what they look like and how much performance they give back.
  13. It was a great performer, it definitely isn't now. The 4790K is beaten by a 2 year old intel i3; https://www.amazon.com/Intel-BX8070110100F-i3-10100F-3-6GHz-LGA1200/dp/B08LKJPR5X/?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_w=y5Wdy&pf_rd_p=bbb6bbd8-d236-47cb-b42f-734cb0cacc1f&pf_rd_r=539DNNJB9Q94AQ9RC56R&pd_rd_r=66a95f71-1f19-4a3c-baec-fad246480053&pd_rd_wg=ASBZW&ref_=pd_gw_ci_mcx_mi A current gen base model i3 (the 12100) almost doubles the performance of the 4790K. The absolute bargain basement, base model i3 doubles the performance! A current gen i7 almost quadruples the performance. It was a good CPU in its day but it is absolutely obsolete. The 1080ti is still a good card but it's not going to do well with the CPU bottleneck.
  14. If your favourite airlines are not represented among the 200 that means they are not using the Engine Variant modeled. They go for the as real as it gets approach and do not offer fictional liveries. They will most likely get added as soon as the IAE variant is released.
  15. Good to know! One airline might be a small sample size, but I've just finished Alaska Airlines (including Skywest and Horizon):
  16. I feel like the major disagreement comes from 2 different viewpoints: One thinks turbulence is a random effect applied to any aircraft in flight, the other thinks it's an integral part of msfs atmospherics modeling. Not sure how those can be reconciled. I'm def. interested in seeing how turbulence shows up in the airmass visualization in SU10.
  17. Germany scrapped the 2 person rule in 2017. So did Canada, my country. I can`t verify for every country for lack of time. In the case of Canada, the rule`s application period had expired and it was not extended. Why the other countries which dropped it probably varies.
  18. Thank you very much for this update, good to know, it might put me over the fence to also buy MSFS (besides XP11) especially for this one! Best wishes Lennard
  19. You are not doing anything wrong. If you use reverse as an on-off switch (ie you set it so that there is no gradation of reverse with a movable control) then when you stop full reverse the prop switches to almost full forward while the prop speed winds down to idle or high idle thrust. That's why you get a sudden surge forward. The solution is to try and set a control so the reverse levers are controllable in increments. This is quite difficult to do but possible. Or you could use the mouse to pull the lever gradually back to idle although I am not sure this is possible with twin engine turbo props in MSFS.
  20. Thanks that’s worked as a temporary workaround… Did you have any issues with the switches just above the throttles? I use them for external lights strobe/beacon etc. None of them are working even though they are mapped.
  21. Check in your windows device manager, it's possible you turned it on in your bios, but you don't have drivers for it installed yet.
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