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If you are a Macintosh owner and use FLY, then this is the forum for you!


richard_small.gifRichard Harvey

Lake Tahoe

September, 2002

This forum and all others related to the FLY series of flight simulator, are dedicated to the memory of Richard Harvey - the lead designer for Terminal Reality's Fly.


At the AVSIM FANCON of 2002, Richard and his wife, Tara, attended. Richard was presented with AVSIM's Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the flight simulation genre and his outstanding service and support of the FS community. Richard was a friend to many of us, and never hesitated to assist and inspire. Richard passed away the following March, 2003. He is sorely missed by his friends and those that were privileged to know him.


Richard in his last post to the forums said; "Try to stay away from things that are dark, dreary, introspective, tear jerkers, etc. Think HAPPY -- be HAPPY. If that is too much to ask, then I'll change the word HAPPY to POSITIVE. That's the flow of feeling I want rolling through my soul as I depart this earth from each of you, is absolute POSITIVE energy. Don't stall on me, I have to soar!"


Richard also passed this along to us in his last post; "******* Christ is my Lord and Savior. As my loving God and Lord has protected and guided me throughout my life, I pray he will do likewise for you and your family. May each of you achieve your dreams, and not be troubled by hardships. I pray for your good health. God will only give you as much load as you can bear, and never any more. Do not lose hope, nor certainly faith. Above all, do not fear evil, for though it surrounds us it can never hurt us. It may claim hollow victories, but it always suffers defeat."


We are proud to carry on Richard's undaunted support for his passion and his unstinting support of the user. Welcome to the Richard Harvey Memorial Fly Forums!

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