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Egbert Drenth

FMC Program Erorr / FMC Insufficient Fuel..

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Hi,This morning I tried to reproduce the VNAV error, and of course I wasn't able ;) Somehow I managed to engage VNAV.Nevertheless there were some other errors :1. This one already was reported but still excists:http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/28021.gifWhen loading an saved flightplan and pressing the 'Departure' RSK in the TakeOff REF page, this error occurs in the Departures page.It can be solved by selecting the runway in the RTE page first, but it should also work this way.2. Insufficient Fuel warning.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/28023.gifAs you can see I have more than enough fuel (7.4T) but still I get a insufficient fuel message.Maybe it was caused because my center tanks were empty but I had the center fuel pumps running. Although I doubt if I should get a 'Insufficient Fuel' warning then.3. Engine goes off when emptying center tanks.I dunno if this is a user error or a FS2002/PMDG error, anyway I will mention it.All fuel tanks were 100% filled and the engines were already running. When I emptied the center fuel tank (via menu) the engines went dead.Nevertheless the left and right tank were still full.No big deal for me, but if there are problems with the fuel logics, this may be a clue.

Location: Vleuten, The Netherlands, 15.7dme EHAM
System: P3D V4 - 80386 DX2 - 4MB RAM - 3dfx Voodoo5 - Windows 3.11

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I don't know where the error-message came from, that's one for the team ;-) but the engines stalling with an empty center tank can be easily remedied by turning OFF the center tank fuel-pumps.(I usually do this when the center tank drops to between 2000 and 1000) It will then automatically feed of the other tanksYohWillem

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When the centre tank is running low a warning comes up on themain panel.All you need to do then is to go into theoverhead panel and switch off the centre tank pumps.No more problems(and the tank will empty itself).David Pedder

David Pedder

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similar problem"err line XX, malfunction" when improting flightplans from FSBuild 1.4and "insufficent fuel"

X-Plane 11.3x / DCS 2.5.4 / P3Dv4.5 / Aerofly FS 2
Win10-x64 | ASUS Z270E | Intel i7-7700K @4.5GHz | Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB DDR4 | 6TB SSD Samsung 850 Pro | ASUS GTX 1080 ROG STRIX 8GB DDR5X | TM Hotas Warthog | Saitek Combat Pedals | Oculus Rift CV1

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