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Gross CG error from PMDG loader causes bobbing

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Gents; I just spent a frustrating couple of hours trying to resolve why my PMDG 737-700 bobs up and down like Rocky in a prize fight. I fired up AFSD, and it told me my CG was something like -43% MAC. Huh? YGTBSM! Sure enough, the PMDG loader put the entire payload at 0,0,0, which in most sims is OK, but in the PMDG 737 that point is at the reference datum, which PMDG have located some 52 ft forward of the standard MSFS 1/4 chord reference point. In other words, the PMDG loader is piling the entire payload weight right at the tip of the nose. Not good. If you edit your station_load.0 so that the first coordinate (second numeric parameter) is the same as the CG (i.e. -48.170) the CG will return to a value within limits, and the bobbing ceases. So, assuming a notional payload of 27704 lbs, instead of: station_load.0 = 27704.0, 0.000, 0.000, 0.000 Use this: station_load.0 = 27704.0, -48.170, 0.000, 0.000RegardsBob ScottATP IMEL Gulfstream II-III-IV-V L-300Washington, D.C.P.S. The PMDG FS2004 loader does it correctly...appears it's just the FS2002 loader that's doing this.

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Bob-as the author of the Load Manager, I am really surprized that this is the behaviour you're noticing - in fact, the Load Manager never actually changes the three coordinates - it only changes the load itself. Is there a possibility that the parameters are not read in correctly in your case? I'd like you to send me your aircraft.cfg (specify which aircraft variation it's for), so I can test it here as well...Cheers,

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