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List of Unofficial Fixes/Add Ons for SU2

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PMDG: Delete is you feel this is inappropriate!I found this while searching the forum for the list of what SU2 was to include. I know some have asked, as I was interested as well.NOTE: This is an unofficial pre-SU2 list of fixes that was posted a few weeks back. Only PMDG can verify what has been done for sure as it pertains to the released update!! PLEASE DO NOT COMPLAIN if this list contains something not included in the update :-)ChrisFMC/CDU:===========================================================New pages- RTE DATA page- PROGRESS page 2 (head / cross winds, LNAV Xtrack error etc)- REF NAV DATA pages (wpt, navaid, airport runways in review mode)- FLIGHT PLAN SUMMARY (from REF NAV DATA page, allows selection of saved FPs)- DES FORECASTSMods to existing pages- sid star transitions- approaches- Implemented approach transitions- missed approaches- sorted entries in select desired waypoint by distance- MOD ERASE EXEC on CLB/CRZ/DES pages- CRZ CLB / CRZ DES announced on crz page- MCP alt in scratchpad when in cruize and MCP alt reset (makes starting a CRZ CLB CRZ DES easy by just uploading scratchpad in L1 - after EXEC'ing- crz winds input possible on PERF INIT page - ABEAM PTS on LEGS for DTOs- identical CDU messages are no longer stacked- some messages go away if condition no longer exists (DRAG REQUIRED / RESET MCP ALT /...)- holding the CLR key for 1 second will clear the whole scratchpadBehaviour- VNAV descent completely based on predictions (PERF INIT/ RTE DATA/DES FORECASTS)- TOGA upon TO / landing will now command keep track at engagement as roll mode, not HDG SEL. (no roll mode announcement).- GA 1 push / 2 pushs MCP speed blanked, speed commanded as per flaps calculated for MTOW- 1 AP GA will disconn AP / FD only- CWS stuff- Anti- Stall system will force LVL CHG if needed- Engaging LVL CHG will keep current speed target if one exists, else current speed is selected as target- Throttle will not kick in when decelerating and approaching speed target- VNAV will not disconnect except if reaching Vmo / Mmo above airport speed limit or target + 15 (!) below- decel before TOD if requiredProcedures- sid star transitions- approaches- approach transitions- missed approaches- holds in procedures- speeds in procedures- flyover in procedures- turn direction (not yet implemented in ACS)Other fixes- fixes for INTC calculation- fixed problem unable to see transitons when route not active- CRZ DES working (-1000 fpm)- TOD sequencing correctly when just before a wpt - fixed a problem that resulted in going to VNAV PTH and levelling off on an alt float wpt- target IAS Mach display correctly on CRZ page- Fixed problem with star selection (not going to page2)- Fixed problem not correctly merging sid star flight plan without discontinuity- Fixes the hdg intercept problem- Des now / crz des should level off at highest restriction- FMC version is again 10.4, new appraoch page and RTE reverse are back- fixed the fix page fix not appearing on ND- fixed sid/rnw selection- fixed the TOD ETA / dist / non-sequencing problems- fixed the problem with common part of sid- FMCSPD is announced as AT mode when levelling off at MCP alt coming from VNAV. It will revert to MCPSPD when speed dial is actioned or a another SPD pitch mode is selected.- Fixed the problem that when at cruize alt and engaging VNAV the AC will start a CRZ DES - FMC speed target in cruize below DES page airport speed limit alt will no longer go above airport speed limit if applicable, whatever the CRZ target speed is.- changes to MCP SPD button logic so VS does not get engaged when SPD button is pressed while VS mode is inhibited (because MCP alt not reset and holding at alt)- If an inherited speed constraint exists in descent, one can delete it with DELETE L3 in DES page to resume whatever previous speed limit there was.- LNAV not engaging on ground and dep. rnw not showing properly on ND- MCP FMC alt conflicts.- TAS SAT ok on PROG page 2.- TOC TOD indicators floating in the air following a DTO fixed.- As per Steve's request, took away indicators on mod legs - Decels are modeled differently- the TOD is positioned according to an idle path angle, which is function of the aircraft's weight winds temperature etc- AT will switch off upon landing- RTE wpts no longer vanish from page when 1 wpt in the airway sid star is sequenced - CRZ CLB speed targets management fixed, as per your reports - Corrected slow climb to MCP alt when leveling off at cruize alt and MCP alt > cruize alt- SPD des will initiate descent automatically if no PTH available- VNAV disconnect taken away in CLIMB ONLY when speed constraint with no alt. Waiting for further info (HJ) - VNAV PATH descent : level segments are levelled off and flown as if alt hold was engaged : ie. proper.- Lots of fixes on FIX predictions (including the DTO problems, distances etc) - panels should udpdate correctly regardless of popups and frame rates should increase when navigating in the different panel, even when not using the switcher- mag heading used for runways in FMC instead of mag course (from navdata files)- NB is now a valid wpt fix name- Reversion to VS mode when MCP alt is changed during ALT ACQ- Reversion to FL CH when underspeed is improved- Speed button should be lit even if throttle announced ARM when in MCPSPD thrust- TRANS NONE announced in APPROACHES on ARR page- save restore of FPs take procedure floats into account- NAVAID and FIX are now valid navaid and fix namesGENERAL ITEMS:================================================================- Added Zoom Panel Flaps/GearLights gauges- Added MCP Flight Director MAster light- added EFIS DH fast/slow increment functionality- improved FSUIPC connectivity- disabled APU Fuel logic to prevent fuel imbalance caused by FS- Implemented all-new "RightMCP" gauge for virtual cockpit proper display ofF/O course and F/D switch- Added Flap lever Sound- Corrected Upper EICAS commanded N1 display- Corrected logic when reading AIRAC database to conform with internationaldecimal point notation- Implemented new Keyboard Handling logic with commandsNAV DISPLAY FUNCTIONALITY===========================================================- fixed ND Map STA button functionality to allow local VORs to showregardless of first turning EFIS VOR switch to VOR setting- corrected ND Map FIX display to extend course line from selected FIXindefinitely- fixed ND Map "ARPT" label display- fixed ND Altitude Arc to display only when Vertical Speed is >+/-600ft/min- fixed ND Altitude Arc to not display when too close to acft position- corrected ND Holding Pattern display- changed floating wpts to display as circle rather than "star" icon- Implemented new logic for flight path drawingPFD functionality==================================================================- Allowed for different variants of 737NG (600/700) to provide different MaxFlap speeds- Corrected Target IAS/Mach logic (now always displays target IAS/Mach fromMCP window)- Corrected Target Altitude logic (now always displays target altitude fromMCP window)- Removed bogus amber buffet speed line when at high altitude / high speedconfig- corrected flap speeds display logic (flaps 2 now correctly shown etc.)- corrected display of SINGLE CH according to new pics sent by beta testers- removed boxes around empty PFD MCP annunciations- added black background for radio alt display- provided new logic for display of radio alt when main gear/landing gear onground- improved display of AoA indicator, with new AoA limitGPWS===================================================================- Implemented according to real-world Sundstrand Mark V GPWS spec- Added "Terrain Terrain" mode 2 sound- Added "Too low - Terrain" mode 4 soundRadio Stack=====================================================================- Created from scratch for: - New Quartz font display- Proper handling of mouse click areas- Elimination of comma vs. dot international settings issue- Introduction and proper handling of ADF decimal digitsStandby RMI=================================================================- Fixed ADF indicator (was completely broken in previous version)Failures=================================================================- Fixed broken Failure mode implementationSystems:================================================================-Identified and fixed logic problem causing engines to flame out when center tank drained to 0.-Identified/fixed source of "user unable to update fuel level in tank."- Updated electrical system for accuracy- Updated APU electrical/pneumatic system for accuracy- Updated Pneumatic System for accuracy- Updated electrical system for accuracyInstaller:=================================================================-New installer simplifies installation options for users.-New livery installer auto-updates aircraft.cfg files.Liveries:===================================================================-All free liveries updated to meet SU2 model standardsUPDATES MADE TO VISUAL MODELS==================================================================1) VC: Reduced Texture overhead by additional 12 MB2) VC: Moved eye point of VC upward for better realism and better visibility3) VC: Changed texture of center post4) VC: Moved Center post forward5) VC: Reduced depth of compass housing6) VC: Added small amount of detail to windshield wipers and repositioned7) VC: Removed the 737-400 default style clocks from under the chronometers8) VC: Added Nose wheel steering dummy switch under port chronometer9) VC: Added Placards below each chronometer with a user-definable N Number10) VC: MCP knobs now appear to turn when clicked (FS9)11) VC: Replaced EFIS displays so corners are no longer cut off12) VC: Throttle lever no longer bounces around in flight13) VC: Throttle levers now travel their full range14) VC: Reverser levers repositioned and animated.15) VC: Added markings to throttle handles16) VC: Changed markings on reverser handles 17) VC: Removed geometry of Knobs from Standby Artificial Horizon for better access to clickable gauge (FS9)18) VC: Removed geometry of Baro Knob from Standby Altimeter to give access to clickable gauge (FS9)19) VC: Removal of stray polygon on top of left glare shield20) VC: Panel flood lighting now more closely matches the color of the flood lighting of the 2D panel.21) Virtual Cabin: Closed gash in starboard bulkhead 22) Virtual Cabin: Repaired Ailerons so they now move in cabin's wing view23) External Model/2D panel/VC/Virtual Cabin: Landing lights and Taxi lights dimmed24) External Model: Right engine rotation reversed. Engines are no longer incorrectly counter-rotating25) External Model: Belly landing light housing now deploys properly in FS926) 2D Cockpit: Front corner and side views now show landing light illumination through windows27) VC: Flap handle moves more quickly and more accurately28) External Model: Repaired texture mapping on 600 fuselage to remove seam mid fuselage.29) VC: MCP buttons are now clickable (FS9)30) VC: right side of MCP now matches left side31) VC: Added clickable (FS9) N1 Selector Knob32) VC: Added clickable (FS9) Speed Ref knob33) VC: Added clickable (FS9) Autobrake knob34) VC: Added clickable (FS9) COM 1 and COM235) VC: Added clickable (FS9) NAV 1 and NAV236) VC: Added clickable (FS9) ADF37) VC: Added clickable (FS9) Transponder38) VC: Added clickable (FS9) Test panel39) VC: Added clickable (FS9) TOGA buttons to throttle handles40) VC: Added Flaps Transit Indicator Light41) VC: Added Flaps Extend Indicator Light42) VC: Added Flaps Relief Indicator Light43) VC: CDU/FMC Left and Right now fully clickable (FS9)44) VC: Fixed cropping of EFIS texture map 45) VC: Fixed issue with transparency around some VC gauges46) VC: Fixed distorted texture mapping on MCP47) External Model: Landing light textures now illuminate when landing lights are turned on.48) External Model: Flap animation tweaked49) External Model: Added markings decal above windscreen to facilitate repaints 50) Added Non Cabin Wingviews to 2D panel model (when in VC mode).51) Added ability to see wing from 2D cockpit52) VC: Enhanced overall appearance of nightlighting inside VC

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