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Guest kevchris

Hello -After installing the new PMDG 737-800 and 900 series product, I started experiencing several problems that did not exist with my previously purchased and installed PMDG 737-600 and 700. These problems included flaps that fully extended by themselves as I started the aircraft, some AP problems similar to the "rudder issue" that may experienced when the 600-700 was released, the "dark" AP indicators such as selected altitude, airspeed, vertical speed, etc.After posting several times and receiving some suggestions that proved not to solve my problem, I decided to uninstall all PMDG stuff from my computer (could not locate a remover tool) so I simply deleted the PMDG files from my FS2004 (I know, that is probably part of the problem here) and re-installed my base 737-600 and 700 product. Installed normally, but now when I load an aircraft, I get a black main panel (side views seem fine) The black panel can only be obtained by going to the PMDG on the upper menu bar in FS, and making an airline selection. Then it appears. Problem is I still have to make this move each time I load a plane.I suspect that I first need to remove PMDG properly from my computer and re-install the whole thing. Perhaps just removing files from windows explorer is not enough. Can some from PMDG confirm this is what I should do, and how to do it properly?I never had a problem until I installed the new product over the old product.Thanks very much for helping me with this.

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