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strange reinstall of 737 NG

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Went to do a flight today and the 737 would hang up FS after the FLY NOW button was pressed. FS would never get beyond the inital "load" progress bar showing up. After some experimentation I determined it was the 737 as everything would go fine with other planes. So now I did a reinstall of the 737 and eveything is fine *except* that when I go to set the payload I used to have a section for 1st class, coach, and also the two cargo bays. Now I just have "Station 1". What happened to the others? Also, the FMC seems not to keep track of elapsed time on the PROG page. Any ideas?? I bought the 737NG this past fall so I assume I have v1.3. Another question: is it possible to register FSUIPC? It asks for a key from the supplier (in this case PMDG). Mike

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