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A few questions abuot the 737

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1) What are the specific procedures for the 737-700 out of KSNA for noise abatement 19R? what altitude you set climb thrust, after a full power bleeds off t/o out of there would you select CLB2 or CLB1, my guess is 2 to save wear on the engines but for KSNA im not sure.2) Is there some kind of software that simulates Accuload or any kind of dispacth software for the 737? I heard Mats was working on one. Does anyone know the status of it?3) In real life when taking off in a 737-700 vs the 737-300 or -500 when the pilots give it full power why does it sound like the packs are turning off, the loud humming noise of the packs or gasper fan slowly turns off and pretty much it seems like all you hear is the engines. But in the -300 and -500 you hear it ALL you can still hear the hummig of the packs and gasper system and stuff plus the engines. does anyone know what is going on in the -700 that makes it get quiter w/ takeoff power vs the -300/-500?4) For bleeds off landings how far out from arrival do you configure the pneumatics panel for it? 5) I was looking through one of my magazines and I saw a picture of a SWA 737-300 flight deck and it had 2 FMCs, all the ones I have been on only have one on the FO's side, I know the NGs have 2 though, can someone verify that SWA has 2 FMC's on any of their classic 737s?Thanks for any repliesTyler

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Tyler,Question 1) A real 737-700 today uses a special FMC feature to automatically "cutback" thrust during a KSNA 19R takeoff. The feature can also "Bump" the thrust from 24K to 26K when required on heavier aircraft. This feature is found on the Takeoff Reff page 2 but is not modeled in the PMDG FMC. Older 737 may have to do a manual cutback, I'm not sure. The cutback trust setting is less than a CLB2 thrust setting to accomplish a very quiet climb out over those rich neighborhoods south of KSNA airport. Also, A -700 will usually not require a bleeds off takeoff. You can still simulate a KSNA 19R Noise Abatement FMC automatic Cutback in the PMDG 737-700. Set aircraft weight below 130,000lbs. Use Max Power 24K thrust and use flaps 5. On Takeoff Reff page 2 insert 800 feet in the Thrust Reduction position. Select CLB 2 for thrust setting. Use the desired SID and engage LNAV before takeoff. Engage TOGA, after takeoff the airplane will climb very steeply, follow the FD command bars, 800 feet is the altitude a thrust cutback is required at KSNA. At 800 feet your airplane will reduce thrust to CLB 2, simulating a noise abatement Cutback. Continue the climb at the this thrust setting to 4000 feet the restore altitude, then bug MCP airspeed to UP, simulate restoring the trust to normal by going to the N1 page and selecting normal CLB thrust, retract flaps and that

John Floyd

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Hi Floyd,Thanks a lot for that information about the KSNA procedures I cant wait to tr that departure tonight. For question #3, the pilot gave me the dispatch release for that flight and it says on there that it was a bleeds on departure and actually on the return flight from that same trip I was on a -300 out of MDW and I also got the dispatch rel. for that fight too and that one was a bleeds off takeoff and I filmed both of the takeoffs and the takeoffs on the classic series plane did still sound pretty loud even though only 1 pack is operating during bleeds off. Any other i deas on what might be the reason for it being quieter on the -700? For question 4, on these dispatch releases under the ladning column there is a section that says wether it will be a bleeds on or off landing, I imagine they would do bleeds off landings possibly form more GA thrust or even for a more powerful braking effect through the reversers with the bleeds sut off. Thanks again for your reply,Tyler

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