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circuit procedure for 744

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Hi, could anyone tell me what is the standard circuit procedure for 744, and the procedure for touch and go as well. (e.g. FMC setting, flap setting, downwind leg distance, downwind leg speed, V speed...)thanksben

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Ben, I'm currently working on a tutorial/guide for this very question. Will have something up here and in PMDG Ops in the next week or so.Having said that if Cowpatz or any of the other real-world 'whale riders' want to jump in that'd be even better. (excuse the bad kiwi-based joke)

Mark Adeane - NZWN

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Gidday Ben,My airline's standard circling procedure off a circling approach is gear down Flap 20. On the ND turn the range scale down to its lowest value and fly a distance out from the runway at not less than 1.5 times the distance of the base of the aircraft triangle symbol out from the runway. You should be about 2 ml out from the runway. For visual circuits use the following as a guide:TO with F20. Have 1500 ft set in the ALT window. TO in HDG SEL and use FLCH when airborne. At 500 ft turn to crosswind. Press the THR switch (to get out of TOGA mode and to select CLB thrust. Open the speed window and set 200 kts. Turn downwind so as to fly 2 nm out from RWY. Entering downwind select Flap 5 (or stay in F10 if you like)do the after TO checklist followed by approach checklist. Make sure you set the approach speed. Do not set auto braking. Mid downwind select gear down and Flap 20. Do not arm speedbrake. Turning base start descent. Use Vert spd or just turn off FD's and eyeball it. On base select landing flap. Landing checklist. Plan to turn on to finals at 2 to 2.5 nm at around 700 ft.After touch down Maintain rwy alignment. Set flaps to 20. Reset stab trim to TO setting. Stand thrust levers to vertical (around 70 % N1). When stabilised set Go around thrust (fire wall the thrust levers). Rotate at VREF. CLB at VREF +10. Repeat the exercise as above.Hope this gives you a few ideas. It is a lot to do on your own. Give yourself plenty of room to start with and then bring the distances and alts down to those listed. CheersSteve


Steve Hall

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hi steve, thanks for your response. Do you have any idea how long is 1 circuit takes? seems it will drive me crazy if I don't have a co pilot sitting beside me..thanks ben

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