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Paul Deemer

LOAD manager VS Fuel inside FS9 PMDG options

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I Just noticed something tonight. My buddy and I both had the Cathay HONG KONG liveries with RR engines. Both had Full Pax and half cargo. He had 180000 lbs and i had 150,000 Fuel and he weighed about 100,000 less than me. That didnt make sense. I went to the load manager and checked the weights and it all seemed similar to him. So what I found out was whenever I use the load manager it seems to apply the right weights or at least they are similar to my buddies. But whenever you use the PMDG options in FS9 to change the fuel thats when the weights change and I end up being heavier than him. For example. I just looking right now at 747-400 with Full Pax, 56000 lbs cargo, 149,488 lbs fuelMax Zero Fuel Weight 542,500Zero Fuel Weight 526,768Actual Take Off weight 676,256Okay so when I added the fuel I think I put 157,00 in with the load manager and I wanted to drop it to 150,000 so I used the PMDG Options to manually change fuel to 150,000.I been in the air about 20 minutes now and my weights are as follows650,000 Gross Weight DualZero Fuel Weight 526,800Fuel 123,000 CalculatedSee the Zero Fuel Weight for my flight right now? After taking off and getting to cruise altitude my ZFW is about what it said in the load manager for when I was on ground. And im 29,000 lbs fuel lighter.So any ideas why if you use the Fuel Manager in PMDG Options in FS9 you end up weighing more than if you use the Load manager?And which weights are correct? The ones you get from the load manager or the ones you get if you use the fs9 fuel manager?I have both the PAX and Freighterappreciate any help on this one.

Paul Deemer

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