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Mayday (3 times) I got a trouble with the B737-800 PMDG

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Hi to all,My name's Andrea from Italy:About ten days ago I purchased and installed the B747F all right but...when two day ago I selected the B737-800 PMDg for a flight I had a "fatal error message" and Fs9 crashed out. I tried to delete the Fs9.cfg but w/o success and now I can't use the B737 anymore....On considering that few days before I've installed the B747F I can think that do exist a relationship between these two events...Any Idea abou how to make the B737 working again ?(If I reinstall the b737 I should have other problems 'cause PMDG advices to install the B737 before the 747...)Thanks in advanceAndrea Buono - Como (near Como Lake) . Italy

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Hi Andrea,You will probably need to do an uninstall and reinstall of your 737 and your 747, the install of the 747-400F should not have caused you any problems so something else must have happened. I own the 737-600/700, 737-800/900 and the 747 Queen of the Skies and had to learn the hard way about the install order. The problem is with the FSUPIC Module program that interfaces with FS9. When you install any PMDG aircraft, the install will overwrite whatever version of FSUPIC you have currently installed in FS9, even if it is an older version than your current one. What you will need to do is uninstall your PMDG 737 and 747 and then reinstall them in this order: 737-600/700 (if you own it), the 737-800/900, the 747-400 Queen of the Skies and finally the 747-400F. Check your current version in FS9 by loading the program and going to the modules tab when you press the ALT key. The 737-800/900 uses version 3.4 and the 747-400 Queen of the Skies uses version 3.5 although there is now a full version 3.71 available for download and purchase. I not sure which version the 747F uses. Beware of other third party aircraft that are older than ones you currently own that use FSUPIC, like the VMAX 747-200 for example. That one will also overwrite any version of FSUPIC that you have in FS9 and cause you many headaches. My solution was to keep track of what versions of FSUPIC that all third party aircraft were installing so that if I ever had to rebuild FS9 from scratch, which I have had to do many times, I could keep a list of the oldest aircraft to the newest for future reinstalls.Kim


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