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Airac load times changed after new graphics card

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For what it's worth the AIRAC load is almost instantaneous for me in the FSX version of the 744 due to the new SimConnect code infrastructure...

Ryan Maziarz

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Ryan-thanks for the kind words - LOL ;-).(In fact, it's because of some new and improved threading technique that FSX doesn't prevent like its predecessor did).

Lefteris Kalamaras - Founder




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Guest KemoF15

I've got a 7950GTX and have same issue. I saved to a default FS9 aircraft (737) then changed aircraft once at the gate to a PMDG--AIRAC load time was nearly instantaneous. However, for some reason the trim is way out of whack, so I've gone back to the old method of watching it load for a minute in the startup.Out of curiousity--the "other" complex jets out there with FMC (AIRAC data) you simply load as AIRAC cycles change--why does PMDG have to reload the AIRAC every flight? Is there some way to save the FMC navdata so I don't have to reload?KemoF15

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Hi everyone!I recently had to re-install everything from scratch using a new hard drive (FS9, FSX, all of the PMDG products) and got the same Airac database slow loading problem that was reported here a while ago...I am using an ATI Radeon X1650 cards on a 1920/1200 24" display.The problem was intermittent - sometimes it would appear and sometimes not...Since I always fly in full screen mode, I found out that if I quit FS9 while in that mode (i.e. using Alt and then Exit), when I restart FS9, the loading of AIRAC is very very slow - On the other hand, if I revert to Windows Mode after flying and then quit while in that mode, the next loading is extremely fast... Perhaps those who have lived with the problem may want to try this and see if it works for them!In fact, if you look into the FS9.CFG file, under[GRAPHICS], if FULL_SCREEN=0 the loading will be quick, if FULL_SCREEN=1, then it will be slow!...Robert

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This quirk seems to be an Nvidia Driver issue with the AIRAC load window position, a location that places it on top of the FS9 menu window while in full screen mode. This problem doesn't show up on ATI cards that I've heard of. It also works OK when in FSAA is set higher than 4X. 4X FSAA seems to be the worst offender. It also doesn't occur in 'windowed mode'.Other than getting Nhancer, my workaround has been to use 8X FSAA, always start FS9 in 'windowed mode' (this also solves the black aircraft preview screen bug) and then right before I hit the 'fly now' button, I switch to 'full screen mode'. Occasionally I get missing elements in the menu when switching modes, but I just make sure that the curser is not located over any menu area or just switch back and forth between modes again.I wonder if there is a way to reposition the AIRAC load window OUTSIDE of the FS9 menu window permanently to solve this problem?Kim


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