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Guest flightgamer

1st THANKS PMDG, 2nd is the 800/900 also upgrade the 737?

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Guest flightgamer

First, i hate PMDG, PMDG puts out such great products, that i have had to practically had to take out equity on the house to pay off my 5 PMDG package (747F, 744, 737-6/7, B1900C, B1900D)Second, I LOVE PMDG, you guys are the best man, and i am about to immerse myself in another beating from the wife after i purchase my shiny new 800/900. this is mainly because i fly for SWvA and (quite sadly) am willing to pay 30$ just for the EFIS/ND format cockpit.... *sigh*My question is: does the 800/900, generally, upgrade the NG? upgrade things like VNAV logic, LNAV Logic etc...Im just curious what other benefits there are, thanks pals...P.S. i had the best service ever from "Tabs" about a week ago when i had to re order my 744F .exe file because i deleted it, i sent him and email figuring a, what, 3-8 day wait, no, it took about 45 minutes, he responded telling me i needed extended download, went to PMDG, ordered it, re-replied, and he re activated me within 20 minutes of my response. WOW Great Job To All The PMDG Staff, !!!!PAY RAISES FOR EVERYONE!!!!:-lol

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Kylan,Thanks for all the kind words. The 737 800/900 you installed does add some additional features to the FMC like Constraints and Cost Index as well as giving you the option to get the clickable VC for the 600/700 package as well. Download and run the free 800/900 model update from our downloads area and run the installer and you will find the shiny new Clickable VC installed in your 600/700 as well. Your Wife will LOVE it :-)RegardsPaul Gollnick :-cool Technical Operations/Customer Operational SupportPrecision Manuals Development Groupwww.precisionmanuals.comhttp://www.precisionmanuals.com/priv/img/forum/sig_pmdg.jpg

Paul Gollnick

Manager Customer/Technical Support

Precision Manuals Development Group



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Guest flightgamer

>>Your Wife will LOVE it Boy, i wish ;-)Ok thanks, ill pick it up soon. very excited, keep up the good work everyone...

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I never had the 600/700 without the 800/900 but as I understand it the 600/700 EFIS/ND did not have TCAS until the 800/900 was installed.It is very important especially in crowded departure and arrival traffic phases for in-the-air situtation awareness. This allows you to modify your airspeed within limits to maintain separation when involved with "rude" FS ai.

Ron Ginsberg
KMSP Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Puddles

Support Team


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