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PIC & FS Scen. Enhancer / Lago's Amsterdam Schiphol 200

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After installing FS Scenery Enhancer *and* Lago's EHAM 2002 I exprienced shimmering/flickering of the runway/taxiway textures.This occurs on all airports except for EHAM.(leading me to the conclusion that EHAM 2002 causes it...)After some experimenting I saw that PIC was moved to priority 3 in the scemery library. Moving it back to 1st seemed to have solved the issue. Now PIC is #1, EHAM2002 is #2 and FSSE is #3.However...sometimes I still see the shimmering/flickering which I can resolve by just switching the FSSE scenery off and on again in the scen.lib. (bit tedious...espc. on approach ;)Also I've seen that the 767's landing gear is always a few inches below groundlevel. Any cause for that?Question is:Does anyone else have this combo installed and suffered from the same problem? If so, were you able to solve it?Are there any other things I'm overlooking?Any help is appreciated!RichterEHAMSys specs:==============FS2K21,9 Ghz P4GeForce2 GTS, monitor 1RIVA TNT2 model 64, monitor 2Nvidia 23.12 driver.Installed extra

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