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SBRelay is a program to enable FS2004 with SquawkBox 2 (SB) and the various networks it supports (VATSIM, IVAO, etc.). It does this by creating an FS2002 session and an FS2004 session internally, and then translating and forwarding all SB players from the FS2002 session to the FS2004 session. By connecting both SB and FS2004 to SBRelay, you can fly in FS2004 and be connected to the network, just as you did with FS2002. SBRelay is a multi-threaded C++ Windows application built for high performance, and uses very little CPU or system resources.Download from the SBRelay web site:http://www.chocolatesoftware.com/sbrelayWhat's new in version 1.2:- Fixed a problem that causes SBRelay to stop working after September 14th, 2003. Oops. All users are encouraged to upgrade! - Fixed a problem that could occasionally cause some planes to not appear when FS2004 is connected to SBRelay after SB is connected. - Added new "Options" menu, to make the "Minimize to Tray" feature optional. This feature is now disabled by default. If you want SBRelay to only appear in the system tray when minimized, click the Options menu and select "Minimize to Tray". - When the "Minimize to Tray" feature is enabled, you can now restore the window with a single-click as well as a double-click.Enjoy!Russell GilbertFSChatScroll, FSHost, FSHostSpy, SBRelay:http://www.chocolatesoftware.com/

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