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I am not a home cockpit owner. Its my dream for years to come.Until then I'll keep an eye on forae like this one.I FWD you a press release I received yesterday.Sorry if its old new already.The Netherlands, Rotterdam, Monday the 10th of February 2003Dear Sir/Madam,We hereby send you the press release of SimKits, a project of TRCDevelopment b.v., for immediate publication.With kind regards,TRC Development b.v.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PRESS RELEASETRC DEVELOPMENT LAUNCHES SIMKITSToday, Monday the 10th of February 2003, the Dutch-based company TRCDevelopment b.v. launches SimKits. This is a unique product line of kitswith simulator parts, that allows cockpit self-builders to build gauges fortwelve different airplane cockpits. The new website http://www.simkits.comwith the SimKitsshop features the complete line of kits.Now flight enthusiasts and flight simmers can build their own true-to-lifecockpit with SimKits gauges. They can build almost any gauge they want for ahome-built cockpit and use it with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 toexperience nearly real flight. The SimKits are constructed in such a waythat they can be used for twelve different types of aircrafts. The differenttypes of aircrafts are the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, the Cessna 182 Skylane, theBeechcraft Baron 58, the Beechcraft King Air 350, the Bell 206B Jet Ranger,the Cessna Caravan Amphibian, the Cessna Grand Caravan, the Extra 300S, theMooney Bravo, the Schweizer 232 Sailplane, the Sopwith Camel and the VaughtCorsair.The General Gauge Kit for example contains nineteen different faceplates,allowing you to build an Airspeed Indicator, a Vertical Speed Indicator or aTachometer for multiple airplanes. The customer only needs to buy aservomotor (also offered at the SimKits webshop) that propels the needle ofthe gauge.The gauge is equipped with lighting that is regulated by the Central ControlUnit. The gauges need to be connected to a Central Control Unit through aflatcable included with the product. The Central Control Unit connects tothe PC- run flight simulator software via USB. Prices of the Kits start atUS$ 29.50. The shop can be found at:http://www.simkits.com/index.php?shopaction=loginAbout SimKitsSimKits is a project of TRC Development b.v. The website of SimKits containsdetailed productinformation, the SimKits shop, the downloadable construction manuals,support, a forum and a newsletterwith subscription option. For more information about SimKits, please visit:http://www.simkits.comAbout TRC Development b.v.TRC Development designs and manufactures realistic Flight Training Devicesutilizing replicas of real instruments. The first products in a line ofATDs, FTDs and Full Flight Simulators are based upon the Cessna 172 Skyhawk,the world's most popular single engine aircraft. TRC Development b.v. wasestablished in 1999 and is funded by private investors. The company islocated at Rotterdam Airport in The Netherlands. Its products are soldworldwide via distributors and local representatives. Recently TRCDevelopment signed an agreement with the Delft University of Technology's(TUD) Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, renowned for their accurate flightdynamics models. This collaboration enables TRC Development to deliver fullflight simulators with excellent flight dynamics. For more information aboutTRC Development: http://www.therealcockpit.com------------------------------------------------------------Note to the editor:For more information please contact Public RelationsOfficer Ms. Mijke Niks, phone +31 (0)10 4390200, fax +31 (0)10 4390210 ore-mail mijke.niks@simkits.comFor visual material of SimKits products, please visit:http://www.simkits.comThe names Bell, Jet ranger, Cessna, Skylane, Beechcraft, Baron, Caravan,Grand Caravan, Extra, Mooney, Bravo, Sopwith, Camel, Schweizer, Vaught,Corsai and Microsoft are trademarks of their respective owners.If you wish to be removed from our press mailing list, please send an e-mailwith subject

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