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Guest Toni Rauch

Thank you to all authors of add-ons, repaints, scenery

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I have just read through the Thread "Anniette Aviation Closing" and as a result would like to thank all authors, regardless if they are freeware, shareware or payware authors for the time they spend to try to enhance our simming experience.I believe that constructive criticism is a necessity for any author, however being insulted or feeling that it is one's right to demand a certain feature or something else is totally out of order.The many authors have given me personally so many hours of enjoyment with Flightsimulator that I don't want to miss them, and I believe the majority of fellow simmers don't want to either.If you personally don't like somebody else's work then of course you are free to contact that person and tell him in a constructive way what you would like to see or why you personally don't like something. Many of the authors will use that as "food for thought" and start investigating into the matters to see if the feature can be done and how to do it.Just stating "this is no good" is a waste of everybody's time, besides you always have to ask yourself the question: Could I do this better myself right now; if the answer is no then you had better remain silent.Authors, don't lose your faith and don't let a couple of bad apples spoil the whole shipment. There are many people out there who support you and always will. If as a result of the above mentioned thread the various flightsim sites decide to put the content behind a log-on then that is absolutely fine and will only hurt the people that treat others without the respect that is due to everybody.

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