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FSBUS MAX232 Types

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Claudio and others,I made a third FSCOMIII card yesterday and I get the exact same result as I got with the other two cards. It seems that the problems are replicated. I am now certainly ruling out short-circuits and line-breaks. I tested the last two cards while soldering, step by step and everything seems fine.I tested the cards on two different computers. The voltage behaviour I get are the same as I mentioned in the posts before.I used parts from two different shops. The one component I used from one shop on all 3 cards is this one which might be the problem.It is the 100n capacitor that is used twice on the FSCOMIII board. I used this one:MKH-(MKT)Capacitor 100nFFilm CapacitorWithout shieldingTolerance 5 %100 Volt, RM 7,5 mmFilm "Poly

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