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2+2=4. Thank you Intel, thank you Microsoft

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...thank you Rob and Sean, thank you CH Products, oh yeah, lets not forget Nvidia, thank you Nvidia. Been away for a bit. Not to the loony bin, but workin. Yeah "crazies" do gotta work once in awhile, and that ain't no conspiracy. :) Thank you Intel for a 2.2 Ghz P4 Northwood, which renders FS2002 so liquid smooth, with full details.Thank you Microsoft for the damn close to perfect flight simulation. No one can argue. If they do, they may have been off the planet for about 6 months! :)Oh yeah...hey MS...XP is very fine.Thank you Rob and Sean, Just downloaded the RealAir SIAI-Marchetti SF.260. and I must say, it's one of the most amazing total package for flight simulation I've ever seen. Those that don't understand the $25.00 cost are probably just not pilots, and if they are pilots, they must not recognize the effort...thousands of hours of development, and it shows. Anyway, about the cost, "...hey current dudes...How much for a 172, wet, 1 hour?"Thank you CH Products for the awesome accessories that make my office desk, a front office.Cant forget Nvidia, for the amazing 128 megabyte video card. Guess MS gets props here for DX 8.1, without would never have been possible.Two last things I'd like to say.1. Flying the SF, in the system I call out above, is flying only without the G effects. Completely, totally. If you disagree, I strongly suggest you that you just ain't done it yet. (you a real plane)2. 2+2=4. See Peter...I get it. All your whining about Virtual Cockpits, how they have to be "real"...then I fly the SF (in virutal cockpit mode of course)...2+2=4. See...I get it. I should never have doubted you Mr. Sidoli!Cheers,btOh...and almost forgot...Thank you AVSIM.

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