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How to improve the FPS of this great P4 further?

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I am still playing with my new DELL P4 which came with the usual bells and whistles that everybody goes for today. I have it set up right next to my DELL P3 and have been comparing fps and general visual movements and such like, flying over identical scenery in the same Cessna at the same IAS (currently north shore of Hawaii, mmmm!)The P4 is extremely smooth when the P3 struggles over dense cities and airports with frames down to 7 to 12 fps. But despite the fact that the P4 has 3 times the processing speed (2.53Ghz), 33% more ram (and Rambus RAM PC800 at that) than the P3 (384 megs of PC 100 RAM), and a video card 4 times as big (128MB) than the P3, the performance diff is about 100%--i.e., the P4 cranks out about 25 fps compared with the P3, with identical DISPLAY settings and resolutions. Sometimes the P4 will run at about 2 1/2 times the fps of the P3."Bubba" Fung had observed that even with the Kingston PC 1066 RAM, FS2002 ran at "only" 24 to 25 fps on the new Intel 2.80 with everything maxed out. That is about what I get on the average (and I've capped frames for now at 26) although fps fall to about 16 to 19 over very dense cities and dense airports.It seems that there is a limit to how many fps one can squeeze out of FS2002. Has anybody gotten say 40 to 50 fps and noticed a diff? nVidia says that fps can rise up to the 60 fps mark before the incremental fps power is wasted. But I think they cannot have tested at such unbelievable rates using FS2002, can they?Appreciate any posts, thanks!JS

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