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Guest NGnut

Controllers see red as new planes take to the skies

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Guest NGnut

The virtual skies DownUnder are set to become a whole lot busier with bright red Boeing 737 jets flying some 80 routes throughout Australia and New Zealand.

VOZ Virtual has this week opened its doors to the virtual community inviting expressions of interest from pilots wishing to take up our challenge and fly the big red jets. Modelled on Virgin Blue and sister airline Pacific Blue, the virtual airline aims to establish itself in a unique position in the Australian and New Zealand flightsim environment by providing the highest standards of operational realism and professionalism. Developed and guided by a team of full-time employees of Australia's second-largest airline, with combined flightsim experience of over 16 years, VOZ Virtual provides its members with information and systems embraced from an airline recognised as having the fastest growth in aviation history.Like the real airline, VOZ Virtual will continue to evolve by adopting innovative and forward thinking approaches to its operation. Pilots are encouraged to display their own character and flair in all of their endeavors and strive to achieve our virtual mission of providing safe travel, on-time, on-budget for all of our virtual guests. VOZ Virtual is structured to maximise efficiency, resources, realism and professionalism by adopting a vision focusing on a number of key elements.--> We invest in the most modern and technologically advanced fleet available to meet our objectives. To achieve this we support what is recognised throughout the virtual aviation community as the "best airliner available", the PMDG 737NG. --> We can only serve our guests when our planes are in the air. So we provide an infrastructure to assist our pilots keep our flights safe and on-time by supporting them throughout their entire flight. Be it rostering, dispatch, flight planning, load control or flight records, our systems keep our pilots one step ahead. --> Our team are our most important asset. The development of individual skills and abilities, fostering a successful team environment and treating everyone as equal is how we continue to grow and prosper. --> We strongly recognise the contribution that each member of our team makes, however we place great importance on the family and participation in an active social environment. We hold regular team get-togethers, training sessions and airport visits to help bring our team together outside the cockpit. In addition, we don't impose unfair restrictions on our pilots by making them fly and remain active on the flightdeck. Pilots who have high levels of technical and operational awareness who display a strong commitment to the team environment and embrace the vision and qualities that make up VOZ Virtual, are encouraged to register an interest in joining our team by visiting www.vozvirtual.org The VOZ Virtual Team team@vozvirtual.org www.vozvirtual.orgCheers,Dean ConstantinidisNG Driver (and 737nut)http://www.precisionmanuals.com/images/forum/betaimg.jpg

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