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Celebrating one year of service to the Flight Simulator...

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Emirates VA is celebrating its one year anniversary of first-class service to the Flight Simulator community! We're fans of aviation, FS, and the real world Emirates, and we're looking for more of us! Interested? Visit us at [a href=]Emirates VA[/a].Want to know more of what we're offering before joining?We offer all routes and all aircraft flown by the real world Emirates, and any change in route or aircraft is kept up to date on a regular basis. Our goal is to provide high quality coverage of the Middle East with virtual pilots. We're also a proud member of the prestigious Flying Tiger's Group so you can fly the routes of any of our other affiliates.Our Profile:[ul][li]Automated sign up process. Pass the automated entrance exam, grab a pilot ID and you're good to go. Only catch is new members have to sign up with a valid email address. Potential members will not be able to sign up with phony emails because our system weeds them out automatically.[li]Advanced management portal, where our management team can manage members, review PIREPs, content management and everything needed to run a virtual airline. Since it's all online, our management team can do this anywhere they have internet access.[li]Flight Tracker and FlightKeeper ACARS integration. Two of the best ACARS programs on the market can be used to automatically submit flight reports. No need for manual PIREPs.[li]Advanced pilot logbook, with all kinds of statistics and really cool dynamic maps that show your latest flights. Our pilots can edit/delete their own flight reports.[li]We use a high end SQL database, we don't use the free/cheap stuff.[li]For those that want the extra challenge we offer ATP mode. With ATP mode activated, our pilots have to be qualified to operate certain aircraft. To do this, they must pass an automated exam and check flights.[li]Training division for newbies and veterans will find plenty of useful information.[li]We get rid of inactive pilots. You will never see 600 active pilots out if 1200 members on our roster.[li]Flight schedules are integrated with real world schedules from the database. Our flight schedules will always be up to date thanks to real time/real world data.[li]Emirates SkyCargo divisions.[li]Our rank system is based partly on seniority, just like the real airlines.[li]We have one of the most active message boards and community compared to any virtual airline.[li]Downloads galore![li]and a lot more...[/ul]Why join the Flying Tigers Group?When you join any other virtual airline, you can only fly routes for them. So you'd be flying the same routes over and over again. It gets boring after a while, and that's why many virtual pilots quit their virtual airlines. With us as a member of the Flying Tiger's Group, you can fly many many routes all over the world. And because of our advanced database, a pilot only has to sign up with us once. After that you can fly for us and any of our affiliates, and all your hours are logged into your logbook. This sets us apart from all other VA's.Our current Route mapekvaroutemapnov14.gifTo learn more, go to you in the virtual skies!

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