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Jim Harnes

New UVA Chief PIlot

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NEW CHIEF PILOT AT UNITED VIRTUAL Chicago, July 23, 2005 -- United Virtual Airlines (UVA) President and Chief Operating Officer David Klain today announced that the UVA Board of Directors has approved the selection of Jane Rachel Whittaker as Chief Pilot. Whittaker begins her new responsibilities immediately. Whittaker has a real world background in computers, flight simulators and in commercial aviation as an airline pilot. She holds ratings in several transport-category aircraft, including the Boeing 747. Her most recent position was as a 747-400 captain with a major international airline. She is also formerly a manager of the UVA Denver Domicile.The UVA Chief Pilot role is responsible for developing aircrew standard operating procedures (SOPs), training new or inexperienced pilots, conducting check rides for pilots seeking qualification in more advanced aircraft, ensuring all check pilots are applying the same standards when conducting checkrides and supervising the Fleet Manager, who is responsible for managing UVA's aircraft fleet.About United Virtual: United Virtual Airlines offers flight simulation enthusiasts the opportunity to simulate United, United Express and TED real world schedules consisting of more than 3,500 flights a day on a route network that spans the globe. These flights are to and from more than 200 domestic and international destinations from hubs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Washington, DC, New York and Honolulu. Visit UVA at www.united-virtual.com and enjoy the experience of a 600-member virtual airline closely associated with its real world counterpart. Remember, It's Time to Fly!! ### Jim Harnes Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications United Virtual Airlines VHQCC UAL006http://united-virtual.com

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