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NorthWind Airlines

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Here is a little info-package for those who don't know of NorthWind Virtual Airlines yet NORTHWIND AIRLINESNorthWind Airlines provides virtual flying in most of the parts of the world. From Finnish domestic flyights all the way to inter-continenal flights to Asia and America. The main hubs of NorthWind Airlines are: EFHK, EGLL, KDEN and KJFK.Fleet consists of several modern airplanes such as Learjet 45, ATR-72, Airbus 320, Airbus 330 Cargo,Boeing 767, 757, 777 and 747. There have been rumors of new aircrafts being ordered from the manufacturers to expand on the fleet.NorthWind Airlines began its operations on September 20th, 2002. From the very first day of operations, it has been constant developing ideas into context which has grown to fully automatic and real-time main system of NorthWind Airlines, a brain if you might want to call it.What does this mean? It means that while other virtual airlines depend on staff's manual work to assign you a flight, update your flight hours and type ratings, update the roster lists and handle your applications, all are done automatically and instantly by the system. Here is a quick look at how things work at NorthWind Airlines:Registering as a new pilot:Once a user has registered into NorthWind Airlines, he/she will immediatelly obtain a pilot-ID and his/her name will appear in the pilot roster. This means, that the pilot is all set to fly for his/her new virtual airline.Obtaining a flight assignment:Pilot can choose what kind of flight he/she wants to make. However, type rating is primarly taken into concideration, that is, a new pilot cannot fly Boeing 747 until he/she deserves that type rating. Type rating will be explained later.Newly registered pilot starts off with Learjet 45. There are several differnt type of flight for Learjet, for example Finnish domestic flights, flights from KDEN or EGLL. As you can see, you have freedom to choose where you wish to fly.When a pilot obtains a flight assignment, he/she will actually get two flights: To and From flights.Type Ratings:Type ratings follow mainly your flights hours. If your cumulative hours are within certain amount, you have a certain type rating. As your flight hours go up, the higher type rating you will get.Type rating can be changed in two additional ways:- We credit your flight hours flown for another VA as long as there is proof of your hours at some other VA.- By passing a written exam (which is voluntary for each pilot), you will get 50 flight hours toward your next type rating. These 50 hours will not show on the roster, but will effect your type rating. Think of it as invisible 50 hours.Filing PIREPs:Once a pilot has made a flight, PIREP has to be filed into the company database. Once this is done, system automatically add hours flown for the flight into the pilot's cumulative hours and this can be verified at the roster listing.Pilot's type rating might or might not change, it all depends on how many hours pilot has.When a pilot files a PIREP, all statistics, pilot roster and main page information is updated instantly.NorthWind flight school:NorthWind Airlines provides flight school for those who are interested from a variety of tutorials both in the company and from 3rd party. If the pilot is willing, he/she can take a written exam which will earn teh pilot 50 extra hours toward type rating. Written exam consists of 100 multiple choise questions.VATSIM:NorthWind Airlines encourages all pilots to fly in VATSIM, hence there is a VATSIM manual available for registered pilots.Other utilities for NorthWind pilots:There are many other tools available for registered pilots, such as "Airport search and data", "Flight Descent and Approach Computer" and many other helpful tools.Company rules:We at NorthWind Airlines believe that flying for virtual airline can be fun and exciting, but at the same time some discipline has to be ensured.Minimum flights have been ordered for each pilot, which is one flight assignment per month. Other than that, there are no strict policies when it comes to being a pilot at NorthWind Airlines. Our pilots are free to fly for other virtual airlines if they wish as long as they obay the minimum requirements.ConclusionIf you are interested in flying for NorthWind Airlines, please do not hesitate to visit our website at http://www.majgaj.com/northwindairWe are looking forward to haveing you as our pilot!

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