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Power to the buying community? It isnt that hard

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AllThere was a statement in one of the Lago Twin Otter threads stating the following. The statement leaned towards the defense of Lago due a noticable number of complaints and deficiencies noted by the buying public. The statment follows:Of course there are problems, What new peice of software doesn't have them? I would agree partially but apparently this product should have never been releases. I will do my best to try and not hurt anyones feelings but here is how I fell. In answer to the statment above about problems....Well lets see, maybe the SF260? I dont think you can disagree.Good software can happen. It takes planning, attention to detail and thorough testing. Real Simulations is one hell of a company. It seems lately that too many payware developers are taking shortcuts. One being putting something to market when the product is not ready for prime time. Why do they do this? They must know the shortcomings of their own product. If so then there is no excuse. They are just letting the public find the problems(sound familiar i.e.M$). The only thing that can be done is this. The company needs to have an open dialog with the community during development. A feature list would be a good start. They need to be ready for a swell of questions about the product and be willing to be honest about what they will and wont include in the produc. By putting together a standard set of questions then the community will be better prepared on decisions to buy or not to buy. Nobody thought of asking this question.. "Is the VC a full view with side views etc" No one thought of asking the right questions. The VC for me holds a lot of weight when making a determination to buy or not to buy.Some products released lately remind me of many movie sequels where the customer loved the original movie but was disappointed when the sequel was released. As far as Lago goes, I own many of their products and am very happy with most of them. I will say to Lago at this time (respectfully), dont quit your day job! Regards Bob G

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