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If you fly from PBI to ATL you just may fly the route. ;-)Lat Deg-Min.XXX Long Deg-Min.XXX Alt-Met HHMMSS.XX2640.976N 8004.7W 1 213816.332640.932N 8005.076W 1 213900.32Just before leaving the ground from PBI2641.403N 8011.614W 1070 214052.32First airborne data point2642.029N 8013.101W 1396 214114.332644.046N 8015.202W 1881 214150.332659.791N 8031.379W 5033 214541.352703.826N 8037.076W 5404 214640.342848.326N 8312.578W 10279 221103.53021.161N 8413.751W 11331 222520.993034.943N 8422.842W 11323 2227323220.757N 8504.835W 11314 224400.013222.151N 8505.306W 7760 224412.01Atlanta approach 3252.45N 8514.57W 7662 225010.883252.871N 8518.127W 6783 225039.893255.052N 8533.648W 6258 225256.93256.244N 8535.741W 6028 225319.883258.018N 8536.897W 5831 225341.893300.016N 8536.948W 5701 225403.883301.853N 8535.851W 5557 225426.893302.999N 8533.972W 5407 225448.88 3310.78N 8503.455W 3882 230011.893311.374N 8501.278W 3850 230032.893335.682N 8441.838W 1031 230824.923337.923N 8432.121W 751 231047.923337.904N 8431.497W 704 231058.92Just before landing at Atlanta3337.915N 8425.584W 309 231315.93 3338N 8425.415W 306 231346.933338.525N 8425.918W 302 235542.53338.544N 8425.935W 322 235601.53338.721N 8426.069W 341 2010.783338.727N 8426.266W 323 2141.78 Bob

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