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Request: KIAD-EDDL

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flown by United in a 767-300. Any help would be greatly appreciated (with return flight even more :)).Cheers,Gosta.

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-ADEP KIAD -ADES EDDL -ARCID UAL982 -ARCTYP B763 -CEQPT SDHIJRWXY -DAT SV -EOBD 020916 -EOBT 2145 -RALT CYYR BIKF EGPK -REG N662UA -RMK TCAS EQUIPPED AGCS EQUIPPED 120 MIN ACFT O2.W370 O3.RN370 -SEQPT C -SEL CFBR -SRC FPL -WKTRC H -TTLEET 0720 -RFL F370 -SPEED N0464 -FLTRUL I -FLTTYP S -ROUTE N0464F370 DCT SWANN V268 BROSS J42 RBV J222 JFK DCT PUT DCT TOPPS N137B REDBY/M080F370 NATV MIMKU/M080F370 NATV MAC/N0460F370 UN552 TLA UL602 DOGGA UY70 BLUFA UL603 PAM UB1 ARKON ARKON5G -ALTRNT1 EHAM -EETFIR CZQM 0117 -EETFIR CZUL 0141 -EETFIR CZQX 0219 -EETFIR EGGX 0414 -EETFIR EGPX 0542 -EETFIR EGTT 0620 -EETFIR EHAA 0648 -GEO -GEOID GEO01 -LATTD 560000N -LONGTD 0300000W -BEGIN RTEPTS -PT -PTID KIAD -FL F000 -ETO 020916214500 -PT -PTID RBV -FL F370 -ETO 020916220626 -PT -PTID REDBY -FL F370 -ETO 020917001541 -PT -PTID GEO01 -FL F370 -ETO 020917021219 -PT -PTID MIMKU -FL F370 -ETO 020917033340 -PT -PTID MAC -FL F370 -ETO 020917035159 -PT -PTID TLA -FL F370 -ETO 020917040149 -PT -PTID NEW -FL F370 -ETO 020917040944 -PT -PTID FAMBO -FL F370 -ETO 020917041629 -PT -PTID SILVA -FL F370 -ETO 020917042254 -PT -PTID DOGGA -FL F370 -ETO 020917042944 -PT -PTID SITKO -FL F370 -ETO 020917043507 -PT -PTID BLUFA -FL F370 -ETO 020917043634 -PT -PTID PAM -FL F370 -ETO 020917044630 -PT -PTID NYKER -FL F313 -ETO 020917044845 -PT -PTID ARNEM -FL F239 -ETO 020917045157 -PT -PTID DIDAM -FL F206 -ETO 020917045329 -PT -PTID ARKON -FL F158 -ETO 020917045543 -PT -PTID EDDL -FL F000 -ETO 020917050500 -END RTEPTS -RFL F370 REDBY -MACH M080 REDBY -ATSRT UN562 MIMKU MAC -RFL F370 MAC -SPEED N0460 MAC -ATSRT UN552 MAC TLA -ATSRT UL602 TLA DOGGA -ATSRT UY70 DOGGA BLUFA -ATSRT UL603 BLUFA PAM -ATSRT UB1 PAM ARKON -STAR ARKON5G ---------------------------------------------------- -ADEP EDDL -ADES KIAD -ARCID UAL983 -ARCTYP B763 -CEQPT SDHIJRWXY -DAT SV -EOBD 020917 -EOBT 1030 -RALT EINN CYYR -REG N662UA -RMK TCAS EQUIPPED 138 MIN ACFT -SEQPT C -SEL CFBR -SRC FPL -WKTRC H -TTLEET 0824 -RFL F340 -SPEED N0466 -FLTRUL I -FLTTYP S -ROUTE N0466F340 RKN2T RKN UL602 SPY UB5 ELDIN UL602 DOGGA UY70 POL UL603 IOM UB3 BEL UN551 TADEX/M080F340 UN551 NIBOG/M080F340 58N020W 60N030W 61N040W 60N050W/N0470F340 DCT MOATT DCT LOMTA/N0470F350 N398B SYR J59 PSB PSB151 PRTZL DCT HYPER V143 MULRR DCT AML DCT -ALTRNT1 KBWI -EETFIR EGTT 0031 -EETFIR EGPX 0113 -EETFIR EISN 0123 -EETFIR EGPX 0129 -EETFIR EGGX 0134 -EETFIR CZQX 0307 -EETFIR CZUL 0539 -EETFIR KZBW 0730 -EETLONG -LONGTD 0700000W -TIME 0629 -EETPT GEO01 0223 -EETPT GEO03 0350 -EETPT GEO04 0432 -GEO -GEOID GEO01 -LATTD 580000N -LONGTD 0200000W -GEO -GEOID GEO02 -LATTD 600000N -LONGTD 0300000W -GEO -GEOID GEO03 -LATTD 610000N -LONGTD 0400000W -GEO -GEOID GEO04 -LATTD 600000N -LONGTD 0500000W -BEGIN RTEPTS -PT -PTID EDDL -FL F000 -ETO 020917103000 -PT -PTID RKN -FL F160 -ETO 020917103910 -PT -PTID SPY -FL F325 -ETO 020917105021 -PT -PTID BERGI -FL F340 -ETO 020917105326 -PT -PTID UNIDO -FL F340 -ETO 020917105735 -PT -PTID ELDIN -FL F340 -ETO 020917105928 -PT -PTID BEENO -FL F340 -ETO 020917110103 -PT -PTID DOGGA -FL F340 -ETO 020917110702 -PT -PTID OTR -FL F340 -ETO 020917111659 -PT -PTID HALIF -FL F340 -ETO 020917112411 -PT -PTID POL -FL F340 -ETO 020917112644 -PT -PTID REMSI -FL F340 -ETO 020917113517 -PT -PTID IOM -FL F340 -ETO 020917113954 -PT -PTID RINGA -FL F340 -ETO 020917114438 -PT -PTID BEL -FL F340 -ETO 020917114827 -PT -PTID *5407 -FL F340 -ETO 020917115519 -PT -PTID TADEX -FL F340 -ETO 020917115807 -PT -PTID *508 -FL F340 -ETO 020917120047 -PT -PTID NIBOG -FL F340 -ETO 020917120622 -PT -PTID GEO01 -FL F340 -ETO 020917125652 -PT -PTID GEO02 -FL F340 -ETO 020917134117 -PT -PTID GEO03 -FL F340 -ETO 020917142141 -PT -PTID GEO04 -FL F340 -ETO 020917150204 -PT -PTID MOATT -FL F340 -ETO 020917154648 -PT -PTID LOMTA -FL F350 -ETO 020917160021 -PT -PTID *SYR -FL F350 -ETO 020917181512 -PT -PTID KIAD -FL F000 -ETO 020917185400 -END RTEPTS -SID RKN2T -ATSRT UL602 RKN SPY -ATSRT UB5 SPY ELDIN -ATSRT UL602 ELDIN DOGGA -ATSRT UY70 DOGGA POL -ATSRT UL603 POL IOM -ATSRT UB3 IOM BEL -ATSRT UN551 BEL TADEX -RFL F340 TADEX -MACH M080 TADEX -ATSRT UN551 TADEX NIBOG -RFL F340 GEO04 -SPEED N0470 GEO04 -DCT GEO04 MOATT -DCT MOATT LOMTA -RFL F350 LOMTA -SPEED N0470 LOMTA Cheers

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