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Guest kinetic

ASX: User defined weather and automatic downloads?

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Guest kinetic

I first sent this message to Hi-Fi support, but I think theres a error with my mail, so I post here. Sorry if crossposting!---Message: Hi I'm very pleased with your product, but like every customer I guess i never get satisifed :S Is there a way to do the following:1) Set custom weather at one weather station (ENGM for example).2) Keep this weather at ENGM constant/not updated.3) Get automatic updates for all other stations as time goes by.Can this be done in ASX? If not could it be a useable feature in Active Sky Advanced?Explanation: I fly at Oslo Airport ENGM and the weather always is errounous 10sm visibility, I think because og error in the TAF. So I want to change it to "out of the window" condition (I live nearby). But when I change it automatic download gets disabled, so when I fly from ENGM to say EGLL the weather at London some time later isnt updated. So I wih there was a "Keep old weather at this station during automatic weather updates"-button.Other suggestions: X Graphics.The halo-type suns work better than the stary-shaped suns during sunrise and sundown. Some of the of the star-ray suns look unrealistic at dusk/dawn.I miss some of the dusk/dawn graditents from AS6.5! They where IMHO better.---Othervice I'm a satisifed customer, especially since FSX real weather doesnt work at ENGM weather station. I need you guys!-Kinetic

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