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I've been having some bad performance problems with FS9 lately, most of which have been solved with a good defragging. But one thing remains. When climbing out of Chicago this morning, overcast and snow, I had some stutters. This was when I was up in the clouds - on the ground it was smooth as silk. Same again when descending into St. Louis, when I got to about 3 or 4 thousand AGL. I fired up Filemon and saw these:9:51:23 AM ASG.exe:3368 OPEN D:Flight Simulator 2004ModulesASGraphics SUCCESS Options: Open Directory Access: 00100001 And immediately following:9:51:23 AM ASG.exe:3368 DIRECTORY D:Flight Simulator 2004ModulesASGraphics NO SUCH FILE FileBothDirectoryInformation: trigger.datAnyone know what the heck this means? I looked in the modules folder and saw ASGraphics in there, so I don't understand the NO SUCH FILE entry.I think this is related to the stutter but I could be wrong. Any help is appreciated.Thanks for your time!Matt Hartley

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