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Hi guys, can't tell you how much I enjoy your passenger simulator and so you know, I have been a long time FsP user. Yes, I like their program, but wanted something that was in between and focused mostly on the passenger side and you came along with XPax, perfect.I fly a lot and am a real world pilot. I would like to make some small suggestions but would be greatly helpful in using your program to emulate all the passenger related issues.Here are a few suggestions, most I am sure you are already looking into, but thought it couldn't hurt to give you some feedback as a regular product user.1. The ability to save my preferences, especially in the default crew messages, they seem to change even though I have changed the active ones. When I reload it seems to pick the default. It would be nice if I could save these so I do not have to go in and reset them everytime I reload XPax.2. My most helpful addition would be to have is weight information before passenger loading is completed, part of manifest information. I fly "as real as it gets" most of the time and actually make sure in my flight planning that I have correct fuel loaded, correct passenger and cargo weights for FMC loading. Now using XPax, I have to wait till my passengers load to know the passenger and cargo weight. I have to go back into my flight and loading program and recalculate. I would think that there is an estimated load out based on the manifest that pilots use to program ZFW etc. It would be nice if we could see the estimated loadouts/manifest "before" boarding so that we can complete our cockpit setup and not have to go back and recalculate weights and balances. I was thinking a readout that would show the "to be loaded" weights and then show a meter that shows the loading. Also, it would be nice if it was at the end or top of the passenger manifest.3. The ability to "print" our manifest would be great.4. A simple way to load our own scripts to the voice scripts without having to use the recorder. I have several airline specific taxi and landing announcements, that while I figured out how to use the recorder to insert them, I just thought it would be nice to have a "add/replace" and just let you load your pre recoreded message to replace the existing file.5. Have the ability to see passenger feedback, i.e, contentment meter show in the minimized icon so that I do not have to re open the XPax to read current state. maybe that is in the in sim text, but I can't seem to get that to show up across WideFS.Anyway, great work and I know many pilots at our VA are jumping on the product. (I am a Staff member - Delta Virtual)Thank you for listening and happy holidays.Joe

Joe Porter



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HiYou can use your own announcements rather than by recording them by looking in the following folder C/my computer/documents and settings/user name/application data/hi-fi/XPAX/Content/audio.I think this folder is hidden by default so you have to make sure you have your windows settins to show hidden files.look for the file name of the announcement you want to change then rename your file to the same file name you want to change and copy to the folder overwriting when prompted.Back original up first incase something goes wrong.I think the files you replace have to be in .wav format to work.It has worked for me,ive changed almost all the cabin announcements to ones of my own that ive either recorded on flights or from ones ive recorded from videos on you tube.Hope this is of helpRegards

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